About Us

I get how frustrating a badly designed products can be to use. I get how annoying it can be when your iron leaks brown watermarks onto a brand new piece of clothing. What about when your sewing machine starts skipping stitches!

I get all the terribly tedious aspects of the whole process and, through having to master it myself, I’ve learned how to overcome most of the issues related to ironing and sewing.

In fact… I’d say I’m quite passionate about it.

It can be quite satisfying to iron a garment perfectly…

There’s a psychological victory in doing it right. It says to the world: “I’m ready for ya!”

So my husband and I decided that I would buy the most popular irons and ironing products we could get our hands-on, and review each one in great detail.

I also committed myself to become an expert in ironing and answering all the ironing questions you can think of, as well as creating high-quality, easy to follow ironing guides.

Our Youtube Channel

I’ve created a supplementary Youtube channel for ironing with loads of tips, guides, and reviews.

How We Test Our Products

Each iron is bought with our own money and put through a rigorous testing process. We use it to iron different kinds of materials and see if we can get it to fail in some way. If it doesn’t, we know we have a great product on our hands.


Our tests include:

  • Power (how quickly it reaches the desired heat)
  • Steam Output (does it deliver what it says on the box)
  • Leaking (we do a rigorous leak test)
  • Easy of Use (this includes buttons, dials, anti-calc cleaning, etc)
  • Overall Quality (is it cheaply made or does it stand out as a superior product)
  • and much more