Best Built-in Ironing Board Cabinets

If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest for laundry cupboard ideas, then you’ll appreciate the clean perfection and convenience of these neat ironing board storage cabinets.

Of course, they need to look great, but the space-saving and accessibility they provide is so gratifying. All your ironing accessories can be stored away neatly in one place, and when you’re ready to iron, you simply open the cupboard door and everything you need is right there.

If your laundry room could do with a makeover, a built-in ironing board cabinet is a must. Here are our top 3 winners for you to choose from. However, if your laundry or ironing board setup needs a slightly different solution, we’ve also reviewed a wide selection of other ironing board designs available.



1. Household Essentials Ironing Board Wall Cupboard

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This In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet hides away your ironing board and any messy ironing equipment but ensures it’s super easy to access when laundry time comes. It has a built-in swivel ironing board which gives you free range of motion regardless if you’re left or right-handed.

This recessed ironing board cabinet requires a handyman or carpenter to install, but thanks to Household essentials, there are a few installation videos that will make the process pretty quick and painless.

The board comes in both a white and raw oak finish. The convenience of having all your ironing equipment in a single spot will change your ironing experience and reduce the amount of time you take to set up and pack away.

It’s a strong and well made and has the longest ironing board surface of all stow away ironing boards in this review at 41 inches. Once installed, the board can be adjusted 2 inches higher.

  • Ironing board dimensions: 41 x 11.75 inches (104 x 30 cm)
  • Cupboard dimensions: 47.75  x 11.75 x 7.75 inches deep
  • Weight: 57 ounces
  • Swivel feature on ironing board
  • Additional storage shelves to hideaway messy ironing accessories
  • Available in a white and oak finish
  • Installation requires cutting into drywalling

2. Southern Enterprises Ironing Board Cabinet with Mirror

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The Southern Enterprises ironing board cabinet with mirror is the most modern-looking unit we’ve found and it comes in both a white and black finish.

What we love about it is that its stylish look does not limit it to a laundry room. It’s really good looking and can even be fitted in a bedroom or studio apartment as part of the décor.

The other benefit is it doesn’t need to be installed in the wall. It’s a freestanding hanging unit that can be hung much like a picture frame (only with stronger hardware).

It also has an ironing board support leg that extends to the ground, providing additional support when iron heavier items. It’s the widest ironing surface of all the boards in this review.

For smaller rooms or apartments, it is a great space-saving solution and the mirror also helps create the appearance of more space.

  • Ironing board dimensions: 38 x 14 inches (96 x 35 cm)
  • Cupboard dimensions: 42 x 16 x 7 inches deep
  • Weight: 42 ounces
  • Surface mount ironing board cabinet
  • Available in black and white
  • Modern ironing board cabinet
  • Board leg extends to the floor
  • High-quality wall anchors included
  • Installation is a bit tricky as there’s no mounting template

3. Built-in Ironing Board with Storage Shelves

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The Facilehome built-in ironing cabinet is smaller than the others on the list.

Like the other concealed board cabinets above, the cupboard has shelving to store your steam iron, stray bottle or any small laundry accessories.

When mounting it in the wall, refer to the instructions to ensure it is mounted securely and at the correct height.

  • Ironing board dimensions: 33 inches in length
  • Cupboard dimensions: 37 x 14 x 6.9 inches
  • Smaller than competitors

Ironing Board Storage Cabinet Buyers Guide

Storage Cabinet Size

The space you have available would dictate which of the above will best fit your home or laundry area.

The boards range between 33 and 41 inches long and 11 to 14 inches wide. The larger the work surface, the more ironing you’ll get done in a single placement.


The user-friendly swivel feature of the Household Essentials makes adjusting the board to the perfect position super helpful.

Setup time is significantly shorter because all the boards simply fold open. Ironing doesn’t get much easier when all you have to do to set up your ironing board is fold down the board, iron what needs ironing, and then neatly fold-away.

An added bonus is that your board along with all your ironing accessories are neatly hidden behind the cupboard door.


All the above units are within a few dollars of each other, so choosing which one works best for you can be based on your personal needs and preference.

Installation could cost you if you are not the DIY sort. If you prefer to avoid the extra cost, then the Southern Enterprises ironing board with the mirror may be the best match for you. Plus, if you plan to move in the future, it can simply be moved like the rest of your furniture and only minor drywall touchups would be needed.

Installation of Recessed Ironing Board Cabinet

If you need a little help in exactly how to install your ironing board cabinet, this video is a great guide. It is specifically for the Household Essentials model but you can make the necessary size adjustments depending on which unit you choose.

Both the Household Essentials Cabinet and the raw wood unit require recessed installation. The Southern Enterprises product is a lot simpler to mount but will need two people as it is rather heavy.

In Conclusion

The Household Essentials ironing board cupboard is our winner because of its overall look when installed, the longer board size and we just love the swivel feature. It’s also one of the most popular units available online and arrives fully assembled. With some handy assistance from a carpenter or the Household Essentials installation video, you will soon be admiring your clever piece of storage furniture.

Once installed, you will love the convenience and simplicity of these fold-away ironing board cupboards. Few of us love the responsibilities of laundry day, but with a built-in ironing board center waiting in the wings, it somehow feels like less of a chore.

All the hidden ironing board storage cabinets above are also available for sale on Amazon and can be delivered straight to your front door. They leave your ironing station neatly concealed so if you have a spare room or kitchen that also serves as a laundry room, no one will be the wiser.