Best Cordless Iron with Rechargeable Base 2022 [Actual Test]

Cordless ironing not only gives you free range of movement on your ironing board, it means no tangled cords or snagging on fabrics. It also makes for a lighter iron as some of the electronic parts are stored in the detachable base. Additionally, when it comes to safety, if the iron falls from its charging station, it automatically switches off and begins to cool.

To enjoy the full benefits of cordless convenience, we’ve compared 5 popular machines available online to see which are the most comfortable, the best performing and value for money.

Quick note: Cordless irons are simply not as powerful as regular irons, so if you need more power, see the corded irons here.



1. Panasonic 360 Multi-Directional Iron and Storage

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It’s no surprise we have a Panasonic at the top of our list considering they were the first iron manufacturer to release a cordless iron in 1988. So they’ve been leading the pack for years.

We just love this portable cordless iron from Panasonic. The 360 Degree Freestyle has a unique feature that makes detailing a dream and there’s a reason quilters and seamstresses love it. Plus it looks incredible, it’s a beautiful looking and feeling design.

The iron has a double-edged soleplate so regardless if you’re ironing forward or backward, you always have a convenient point helping you perfect pleats or seams.

The irons power station is at the perfect angle for you to place down the iron between uses. It has a comfortable grip, easily adjustable heat and steam setting, as well as all the basics you’d expect from a quality iron like safety shut-offs, calc-cleaning system, anti-leak seals and vertical steaming capabilities. Full Review

  • Portable, heat resistant carry case
  • Ideal for sewing classes or retreats
  • Double-sided detailing soleplate
  • Push-button steam settings
  • Removable water tank
  • Small 4 ounce water capacity

2. Rowenta Freemove Steam Iron and Rechargeable Base

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The Rowenta Freemove is another cordless wonder that gives you a completely free range of movement while ironing. The angle of the recharging station is perfect and natural to place the iron down when repositioning clothing items on your board.

We also love the open grip design at the back of the iron, it just adds that extra feel of freedom. The machine will beep when it needs to be recharged so you don’t waste time ironing with a cool iron.

It’s light and has a stainless steel soleplate so it glides easily while you attack those wrinkles. The soleplate has the signature 400-hole soleplate unique to Rowenta, only the tip of the soleplate does not have the same narrowed precision design which we know from their other steam irons.

It has an 8 minute auto shut-off which quilters and sewers generally do not appreciate but as the machine recharges to full heat in seconds, it does not affect the overall experience. The safety feature is a big plus for multitasking home managers.

You can use ordinary tap water in Rowenta irons because they have anti-calc systems that help remove any mineral buildup in the appliance. They also have an anti-leak system to prevent the iron from leaking or spitting.

  • An indicator light lets you know when to charge
  • Great German build quality
  • Recharge beep is a bit loud

3. Value for Money Cordless Panasonic Iron with Carry Case

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Once again, one of our favorite features on this Panasonic steam iron is the carry case that makes storing it away SOOO easy. It always looks neat and feels fancy, plus it works incredibly well.

This makes the Panasonic (NI-L70SRW) the perfect sewing iron, especially if you attend classes and workshops. If you are piecing a quilt on a work surface the cordless feature is such a pleasure to allow you that extra reach.

The Panasonic has a stainless steel soleplate as well as independent adjustable steam and heat settings. It also has an anti-leak system so you don’t mark delicate fabrics with watermarks and it has a built-in calc cleaner to help remove limescale inside your iron.

The iron has a 5 ounce water tank that is removable so you can fill it straight at the tap. It’s 1500 watts and heats quickly. The power cord that charges the base is conveniently retractable and is 6 feet long.

You’d expect to have to cut back on some features because of the bonus of it being cordless, but it’s a fully functioning iron that works like a dream. Full Review

  • Excellent value for money
  • Convenient heat resistant carry case
  • Ideal for RV’s & Caravanning
  • Perfect for sewing classes and retreats
  • Removable water tank
  • Needs recharging after 2-3 steam bursts

4. BLACK+DECKER Light ‘N Go Budget Cordless Iron

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The BLACK+DECKER Light ‘N Go (ICL500) is a fun purple which although it doesn’t impact on how it irons, it’s fun to look at and takes a bit of the “seriousness” out of ironing. Unlike the first 3 irons in this review, the BLACK+DECKER rests in the charging base in an upright position.

We really love the illuminated charging station which lets you know when the iron is charging by displaying a red light and it goes green when the iron is ready to go. It will also turn red when the unit needs recharging.

It has a ceramic coated soleplate with nonstick properties and several holes in the soleplate to help distribute steam while ironing.  It has low, high and vertical steaming capabilities as well as no steam at all if you prefer to dry iron.

For a more budget purchase, you wouldn’t expect to find a self-cleaning system to help remove mineral deposits, but it does, and it has a large water tank which means you top up less often.

  • Light-up charging base
  • Larger water capacity
  • Lightweight iron
  • Great for crafting
  • Quick 10 seconds to reheat
  • Placing the iron back in its base takes getting used to

5. Sunbeam Versa Glide Cheapest Corded/Cordless Option

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The Sunbeam Versa Glide (GCSBNC-101-000) has a unique feature that none of the others irons in this review have… it can be used with or without the cord. The base clips onto the iron if you don’t want to wait for it to recharge, or it can be disconnected from the base and you can charge it while arranging pieces of clothing on your ironing board.

From my past experience, Sunbeam build quality is somewhat lacking but for the cheapest cordless iron we could find, it works pretty well.

And… it has all the basics…anti-calc system, anti-drip seals, auto shut-offs for safety and it can be used for vertical steaming. All the irons here offer a vertical steaming feature, but it’s not their key function so don’t expect anywhere near the same performance as you would from a garment steamer.

Like the BLACK+DECKER, the charging station requires you to place the iron upright which is not as comfortable as the vertical designs and takes a little precision.

  • Can be used corded or cordless
  • Lowest price
  • Super light iron
  • Not the greatest build quality

Cordless Ironing Buyers Guide

Power & Steam Output

All the irons above are 1500 watts so heating time and steam performance is about the same. Because they have to be returned to their changing stations every minute or so, you do not get continuous steam as you would from a traditional steam iron or steamer.

Note: If you sew or iron clothing where you have a lot of start-stop action, a cordless iron is ideal because it during these pauses that the iron reheats to its full power. If however, you do a lot of bedding or iron with plenty of steam, waiting for the iron to reheat may slow you down, in these cases, a corded iron may suit you better. You can check out our home page for more options.

Value for Money

We’ve rated our irons from the best to the least favorite and coincidentally, their prices also align from the priciest to the cheapest. Build quality and performance is definitely improved in our top 3.

Most Comfortable to Use

The top 3 irons which rest vertically on their charging plates are the easiest to place down between ironing. The angle also helps them slide more naturally into the charging point without having to be too precise.

The thing to consider with ergonomics is that repetitive actions can become tiring. If an action with an appliance is even slightly inconvenient, after 20-30 times, it can become a big enough annoyance that makes you hate the job.

Basic Features

There are a few basic features we have come to expect from an iron, like safety shut-offs so we don’t have any accidental fires and built-in cleaning systems to prevent mineral deposits. And of course, we don’t want an iron that leaks so we like a brand that stands behind leak-proof technology. Happily, all the above irons tick these boxes.

Product Warranty and Support

Most iron manufacturers offer a 1 to 2 year warranty. In most cases, this covers manufacturers’ defects which you should pick up in the first few days of owning an iron. We love the added advantage of buying through Amazon because of the 30 day refund policy if the product you order is not what you were expecting.

In Conclusion

Cordless ironing is a pleasure. Our winner, the Multi-Directional Panasonic is an incredible iron to work with. It’s solid, smooth and worth a few extra dollars to invest in a quality product that will last.

To clarify, these irons are not considered “rechargeable” as they need to return to their power station in order to reheat. There are no battery-operated irons that we are aware of at this stage, so until then, these are as “rechargeable” as they come.