Best Industrial Steam Iron for Commercial Use

If you’re handling large volumes of ironing or need an iron to be on all day while you work, then an industrial solution is absolutely the solution. Key features are:

  • Generous Steam Supply
  • High Power
  • No Auto-Shut-Off
  • All-Day Ironing Comfort

You’ll find the below ironing systems best suited for laundry and ironing services or dry cleaners as well as tailors, seamstresses and dress makers. We have tested a variety of commercial or steam ironing systems each one with their own unique features to make light work of any ironing.

Our absolute winner is the Sapporo Industrial Iron

Important: If you’re looking for a steam iron for home use, check out this article instead!



1.Sapporo – Best Industrial Gravity Feed Steam Iron

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In a nutshell, the Sapporo is no everyday iron. It’s an industrial ironing setup that produces continuous steam and allows you to work for hours without pause. This is for anyone who has large volumes of ironing and needs a powerful, professional system.

The Sapporo is the best gravity feed steam iron to cut down your ironing time. There is no auto shut-off, so once the iron has heated, you don’t need to worry about it switching off after a short period of time like a traditional steam iron.

The machine has a large water tank that, as the name implies, uses gravity to feed into the iron. This means you will need to suspend the water reservoir and feeding hose above your work station.

The iron is heavy, but with the nonstick cover plate attached, it glides effortlessly so you should not feel any arm or shoulder discomfort. The weight helps press out any creases without you having to add additional pressure. When not in use, the hot iron rests on a silicone pad designed to withstand the direct heat of the soleplate.

You will need a bit of space to set it up. If you have a sewing studio or laundry area, it will be a welcome convenience when you need a hot iron at the ready. The system is not complicated to set up as long as you ensure that you have a solid ironing board/station that can handle the weight of the system.

  • Affordable setup
  • No auto shut-off
  • Uninterrupted steam production at the push of a button
  • Commercial grade laundry equipment
  • Not for home use

2. Reliable Maven – Home and Commercial

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4 stars
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The Reliable Maven is a litghweight steam generator that is a little more suited to home than commercial use. The power output is 1500 watts and steam output is comparable to a home ironing station.

Operation is simple with fewer controls but you get much less control over your system. That being said, it holds its own in terms of quality and comfort and can work through medium size ironing loads with ease. I just wouldn’t suggest it for a fully fledged dry cleaner business given the standard quality. The tank holds 1 liter of water which can run out quickly in an industrial setting so be sure to check out the 1.5 liter model if you need even more water capacity.

If you’re in need of a budget commercial solution that will work on smaller loads, this might be a good option.

  • Super Light Weight (Iron is separated from it’s water tank)
  • Easy to clean built-in anti scale cartridge
  • Ready in under 30 seconds
  • Digital Temp Mode Display
  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • 1500 watts
  • Not fully commercial use

3. Laurastar Lift for Professional Ironing

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4 stars
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Laurastar is a very well known name and can be used commercially but is equally suited to home use. Their Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) technology penetrates deep into the fabric for very impressive results.

Their hygienic steam system eradicates dust mites, bacteria and viruses, with extensive testing done around the elimination of the Coronavirus. As they are sometimes not available at Amazon, you can buy them directly from Laurastar themselves.

  • Dual Auto Shutoff Mode: 10-minute or continuous-on
  • Dry microfine steam system
  • Removable water tank
  • Very Quiet
  • More of a high-end ironing station for home use

4. Reliable 3000IS Commercial Iron Station

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The Reliable 3000IS is a ironing system, widely used by tailors and seamstresses. It has a high-grade stainless steel body. The water tank (also stainless steel) has a large capacity that will keep you ironing for up to two hours without interruption. It has a comfy cork handle and is perfectly weighted so you don’t tire quickly.

You can adjust the heat setting of the iron to match the fabric you are working with, and by pressing the blue button on the side of the handle, pressurized steam (2.5 Bars) is released through the small steam holes at the top of the aluminum soleplate. This steam iron works super effectively as a vertical steamer too.

The iron is a comfortable weight, at 3.9 pounds which compares quite closely to traditional steam irons. Between uses, it rests on a heat resistant silicone pad.

Safety is also a key focus on the Reliable 3000IS. As the unit handles pressurized steam, it has valves that can be released to avoid any problems. It also has a low water indicator and a safety thermostat on the heating element to prevent it from overheating if the tank runs low.

  • Commercial-grade steam iron
  • 2 hours of continuous steam ironing
  • Excellent vertical steamer
  • Pricy investment
  • Slow to heat up

5. Rowenta Perfect Pro Steam Iron

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The Rowenta Perfect Pro generates 7.4 bars of pressure that creates a steam output of 430 gram steam bursts. Additionally, it has an eco-mode which reduces power usage and steam output for when you need less steam force. It’s ideal for professional use as it has no auto shut-off feature so you can iron for as long as you need without unscheduled pauses.

  • 37 Ounce water capacity
  • 400 Steam holes
  • Energy-saving settings
  • A little pricey for what you get

6. Rowenta IXEO with Adjustable Ironing Board

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The Rowenta IXEO all-in-one ironing station is incredible to use… and it looks great. This machine is ideal for home use or commercial use by seamstresses or dressmakers. If you don’t have a permanent ironing station, this all-in-one steam iron station completely cuts out setup time. Just roll it out and the ironing board, iron, and super impressive steam production are all at the ready.

It heats up in seconds and because everything you need is contained in one machine, you can use it for a quick clothing item or handle a large load of ironing.

It makes steam ironing all sorts of clothing a pleasure. The flexible smart-board not only adjusts to your height, but you can adjust the angles to make ironing more comfortable. The easy-grip iron has one temperature setting for all fabrics so you don’t have to adjust the dial based on the material you’re working with.

The base can even be removed and carried around, separate to the ironing board if you want to freshen up drapes and furniture items.

  • All-in-one convenience
  • Fast heating
  • Removable base
  • Adjustable ironing board
  • Easy to move and store
  • Reasonably stable

Commercial Iron Buyers Guide

Steam Output

The common factor with all the machines above is steam… and a lot of it. It’s steam that makes the largest impact on de-wrinkling clothes. This also reduces the risk of damage to fabrics because the amount of exposure to a hot soleplate is drastically reduced.

The Reliable, Sapporo and both Rowenta products performed incredibly well in this area.

Powered for Extended Periods

For professional use, you need a machine that stays hot and ready for the hours you work. All the machines above provide continuous heat and steam on demand, mostly without auto shut-off features.

Value For Money

All machines work incredibly well, but your choice will ultimately depend on budget and your exact ironing needs. The higher-end systems cost significantly more and needs to be offset by business income. The budget options are therefor preferable for smaller trades and home businesses.

Available Space and Setup

These machines take up a fair amount of space. The machines themselves, as well as the gravity feed system, require a dedicated area to avoid the inconvenience of moving them too much. Of course, moving them is not a problem, but being that they are heavier than a standard iron, a dedicated spot in a studio or laundry room is ideal.

Customer Support and Warranty

Both Reliable and Sapporo have replacement parts available should you notice normal wear and tear on the machines. Especially hoses age over time and should be refitted if you notice any steam leaks on the rubber tubes.

In Conclusion

These machines are not only for commercial ironing. If you have a home sewing studio or a large family where ironing is a regular and voluminous event, then you too can benefit from the time saving and convenience of these durable, industrial-grade appliances.

These machines will no doubt change the way you iron. Despite them being unique in their own ways, they will remove the drudgery on ironing and ultimately reduce the amount of time you spend de-wrinkling clothes.