Best Ironing Mat [Blanket] 2023

An ironing mat is a flexible ironing surface that can be placed on a table top or similar surface. They’re the perfect space-saving alternative for a bulky ironing board.

Ironing mats are also heat resistant to protect the surface you’re working on and don’t absorb steam or moisture. Some are even magnetic and can be fixed to your washer or dryer so they don’t shift around while ironing.

In the article below, we’ve rounded up the absolute best ironing mats and blankets available.

      Ps. If you’re a pro quilter, head over to our Best Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting article instead.



1. Best Large Tabletop Ironing Mat (Double Sided)

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Our winner in this category is the double-sided ironing pad. We just love this ironing pad for it’s two workable sides.  One side is quilted while the other side is plain and without stitching, so there is no worry of leaving imprints on delicate fabrics.

This is also our best ironing pad for table tops or countertops because its wide enough to work with bigger garments and thick enough to ensure you won’t singe or mark the surface you’re working on. It does not have magnets but this allows the ironing blanket to lay perfectly flat.

Additionally, it comes with a free silicone iron rest pad so you don’t have to worry about leaving scorch marks when placing your iron down…, and it includes a protective ironing cloth to avoid accidentally shining delicate fabrics with your steam iron.

The mat stays put while you’re ironing and doesn’t crinkle or bunch, so it gives clothes the same finish you’d get with an ironing board.

Depending on how much ironing you do, you may notice the table top or countertop collects a bit of moisture. To avoid this, you can place a towel on the ironing surface, followed by the ironing blanket.

The large ironing pad reviewed here (28 x 31 inches) is ideal for your average ironing needs. However, if you’d prefer a smaller work area, then you can select the small ironing mat at 19 x 33 inches or up-size with the extra-large ironing blanket at 47 x 22 inches.

The extra-large insulated ironing mat will cover a larger work surface. This is a great advantage if you work with quilts or large sewing projects. The insulation prevents the loss of heat while ironing over the entire surface so you’ll bet better results with less effort.

  • Blanket size: 19 x 33 inches | 48 x 84 cm
  • Also available in large and extra-large sizes
  • Double-sided to prevent imprints from the quilted side
  • Excellent durability
  • Comes with free silicone iron rest pad and pressing cloth
  • Non-magnetic

2. Magnetic Washer and Dryer Top Mat by Houseables

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This magnetic option makes the best washer and dryer top mat.  It has magnetic corners that hold the ironing blanket in place… even during a vigorous spin cycle.  It’s made of high-quality polyester-cotton, so not only can it withstand high heats between 250°F – 300° but it can easily be wiped clean.

The magnetic ironing blanket measures 32.5 x 18.25 inches and is flexible enough to work around any sized washer or dryer.  It’s a lightweight and easy to roll up ironing mat, ideal for compact storage whether you’re traveling, camping or packing up the RV.

Although the ironing pad is heat resistance, the material will shrink or deform if you expose it to the full heat of your iron for an extended period. It’s best not to leave a hot iron face down on any surface. Be sure to rest your iron on its heel or on a silicone resting pad to avoid damage to the mat.

Even if you don’t intend to iron on it, it serves as an ideal washer and dryer top protective mat.

  • Blanket measurements: 18.5 x 32.5 inches | 47 x 83 cm
  • Magnetic
  • Ideal for washer dryer
  • Excellent heat resistant ironing mat
  • Can leave quilt patterns on clothes

3. Best Portable Ironing Mat by Handy Laundry (Lightest)

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Of course, all these mats on our list are potable, but as the lightest on our list, it will add the least weight to a sewing toolbox or your carry-on luggage. This ironing mat is made of 100% cotton and is the cheapest of all the pad we’ve reviewed.  It is heat and scorch resistant and has an ultra-convenient built-in silicone iron resting pad. For ironing anywhere, it performs incredibly well as a compact magnetic fold out ironing board.

The magnetic grip is not as strong as that of the Housables reviewed above, but it holds down adequately on a washer or dryer. When used on a countertop, you may find the smooth material slides a little.

This 19.5 x 28 inch ironing pad is not as durable as the above two ironing mats so it may wear slightly faster with regular use, but if you want something ultra-cheap for occasional use only, it’ll work a charm.

If you need a travel iron and ironing mat to come along on your next work trip or holiday, then you won’t do better than this featherlight option.

  • Blanket size: 19.5 x 28 inches | 50 x 71 cm
  • Built-in silicone iron resting pad
  • Best budget price
  • Magnetic
  • Super lightweight for travel
  • Average durability

How to Choose the Best Ironing Blanket


So how do you go about choosing the best pad on the market?  Our buyer’s guide below covers the key features you should look out for. They are also the ultimate solution if you’re looking for an effective ironing board alternative.

Quilted Silver Surface vs Smooth

Depending on the fabric you’re ironing, you may notice the quilted pattern of the pad imprinting on your clothes. Our winner has the solution to this problem and has a smooth side and a quilted side for fabrics that require more heat.

Both magnetic options have a quilted pattern. To get around the issue, you can set your steam iron to a lower setting. This will prevent the quilted pattern from becoming a feature on your freshly ironed clothes.

Magnetic vs Non-Magnetic

If you plan to fit your ironing blanket onto your washer or dryer, magnets make a great addition to keep your ironing from shifting while you work. The magnetism on the Housables is stronger than that of the Handy Laundry.

Our first-place winner, the double-sided tabletop ironing pad does not have magnets but it offers more versatility because you can use both sides of the mat. The smooth side for delicate items and the quilted side for tougher fabrics that need more heat to de-wrinkle.

Value for Money

The double-sided ironing blanket is the best value for money. Not only is it the most durable of the lot, but it also includes useful ironing accessories which make the few extra dollars well worth spending. This makes it our first choice for the best value too.

The Magnetic Handy Laundry is the cheapest of the lot, followed by the Housables and then the Double-sided ironing mat… but as we said above, the accessories and quality make it the best product for your money.

Ironing Pad Dimensions

The sizes we’ve selected comfortably fit the average washer or drier, all measuring within an inch or two of each other. The Housables is the narrowest at 18.25 inches and the Handy Laundry is the widest at 19.5 inches.

The lengths vary between 28 and 33 inches. On washers or dryers, the excess length simply hangs over the side so it doesn’t get in the way.

Large ironing table top pads (check our winner in first place), are so convenient if you’re a quilter or sewer and want to iron a big project without having to repeatedly reposition pieces. The ironing blanket can even serve as a protective table top work mat.

Weight and Portability

If you’re a traveler with limited luggage weight or if you’re a sewer constantly carting around your supplies to different venues, then the weight of your carry bag may be a consideration. If you want an ultra-light mat for carry-on luggage, then the Handy Laundry is the lightest, weighing only 7.2 ounces.

All the ironing pads we’ve reviewed are extremely lightweight. The best thing about owning an ironing mat is that you have portable ironing surface at your disposal so you can iron anywhere with this padded mat.  Just roll up and stash it away until you need it.  Unrolling a mat is so much easier than hauling out an ironing board.


Despite being a durable and heat resistant ironing mat, you may want to put down a towel under the mat on some surfaces. If you place your mat on a plastic surface, carpet, bed or tabletop that you feel may be sensitive to heat.

Lowering the heat setting on the iron prevents the quilted pattern of the mat being embossed on more fragile garments.


We don’t recommend putting any of the ironing blankets in the washer, but they can definitely be wiped down with a damp cloth if needed and spot treated if you have a localized stain.


An Ironing mat offers great versatility when ironing at home as well as while traveling. It also helps to maximize the space you already have, turning a single area into a multi-functional zone.

They’re also a significantly cheaper alternative to ironing boards, and setup is SO much less hassle. Even if you prefer to use an ironing board, having an ironing mat available for those last-minute touch-ups is really convenient and at these low prices, it worth just having one on standby.