Best Steam Iron Press Machine for Home Laundry (Clothing and Sheets)

If you’re on the hunt for the best steam ironing press that delivers professional dry-cleaning results without the cost or chemicals, then look no further. We have reviewed the top-performing machines available online that will halve the amount of time you spend ironing your clothes and sheets… it may even turn ironing into something you’ll actually enjoy doing.

An electronic steam press is a welcome addition to any home laundry or sewing studio. These machines are even suited for use in hotels and restaurants where sheets, bed linen, towels, and table cloths require regular pressing.

They breeze through clothing like shirts and trousers and even oversized items like sheets and duvet covers are easy to get wrinkle-free.

We have reviewed the best iron press machines and looked at their strengths, weaknesses and if they’re best suited for general laundry, bedding or commercial use. Let’s find your perfect match!



1. Steamfast SF-680 Electronic Steam Press for General Laundry

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The Steamfast is the fastest and most satisfying machine to get you through that laundry pile. It’s perfectly suited to iron anything from shirts, blouses, jeans, and pants, to dresses and linens.

It’s the perfect size to handle all type of garments, bedding and curtains that need a quick, yet effective de-creasing.

  • Size: 25 inches long x 10 inches wide
  • Weight: 21.4 lbs
  • Attractive stainless steel finish
  • 5 digital fabric settings
  • Includes basic accessories
  • Awkwardly placed power switch

The sleek-looking stainless steel Steamfast steam press iron for laundry has multiple fabric settings and a steam burst function.

The Steamfast can be set to custom press different fabrics. It is fast-heating and has a 10 ounce water tank that allows you to pre-steam garments before pressing.

The green steam button is conveniently located on the handle so you can apply steam before lowering the press. If you prefer dry heat when pressing, all the machines in this review can function as a dry iron press.

The non-stick pressing plates cover a large area of 25 x 10 inches. This is the largest of the 3 smaller units in this review. The unit is compact enough to comfortably rest on a counter or tabletop for easy and comfortable access.

The Steamfast SF-680 comes with a spray bottle, pressing cushion, and measuring cup to make the ironing process that much easier.

Once you’ve placed the garment flat on the press and close the lid, the machine will beep when it is done pressing. The process is effortless and takes seconds. The pressing cushion that’s included is ideal for pressing contours in your clothing, like in collars and cuffs.

2. SINGER Magic – Best Steam Iron Press for Clothes

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The Singer Magic Steam Press has a slightly smaller pressing surface area of 24 x 9 inches, but it’s quite a bit more affordable than the Steamfast listed in first position. If you need the best steam press in your laundry room but are working within a budget. The singer is the next best buy.

  • Size: 24 inches long x 9 inches wide
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Great price for the size
  • 5 digital fabric settings
  • Ideal for sewing and fusible
  • Locking handle for portability
  • Basic accessories included
  • The water reservoir is not detachable

It’s ideal for pressing both small to larger clothing items, from children’s t-shirts all the way up to men’s shirts and trousers. You’ll need to take a little care when positioning larger items to ensure you do re-wrinkle areas as you move them to press other areas.

The tapered side of the press works well when pressing dresses and combined with the pressing cushion, you can shape collars on suits and shirts to perfection. If you need to use steam, the steam button is conveniently located on the handle.

The Singer has an auto shut-off feature that will beep to signal when the pressing is done. A spray bottle, measuring cup and pressing cushion is included with the purchase.

The water reservoir is not removable. It pulls out like a drawer when it needs filling. This is slightly inconvenient, but topping up the water is very easy when using the pouring cup included with the machine.

3. Steamfast SP-660 Fabric Steam Press for Sewing and Smaller Clothing Items

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The Steamfast SP-660 is the baby sister of our winner, the SF-680. It’s a little smaller and looks a little less stylish…but it’s significantly more affordable and ideal for using on a table top. It’s about a third of the price cheaper than the SP-680, but still puts-out the same pressing pressure (100 lbs) as its big sister.

  • Size: 22 inches long x 8.7 inches wide
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs (Lightest)
  • Good price
  • Lightweight with locking handle for easy transport
  • 5 digital fabric settings
  • Ideal for sewing and fusible
  • Includes pressing accessories
  • Not ideal for large items

If you don’t want to hassle with traditional steam irons and want to enjoy the speed and convenience of a steam press, the Steamfast will not disappoint.

It’s ideal for small to medium clothing items as well as sewing projects. It’s not to say that it can’t handle larger items like drapes or linen, but it takes a bit more maneuvering and care to ensure you don’t crease already pressed areas while repositioning them on the press.

If you plan to use it on a table top and pack it away after use, this is the smallest and lightest steam press of the lot.

4. Speedy Press Oversized Steam Ironing Press for Sheets & Commercial Use

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The Speedypress’s Ultra XL size and along with its multiple steam settings accommodate all kinds of garments, sheets, linens, and fabric types. If you handle a lot of bedding at home or need a machine that can handle large loads of sheets and linen in the hospitality industry or restaurants, then look no further.

  • Ultra XL steam press 35.5 inches long x 12.5 inches wide
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Best press for sheets, bed linen, and table cloths
  • Can be used as a dry iron press
  • Large digital touch screen
  • Accessories included
  • Additional ironing cover included
  • Pricey, but worth it if you have large ironing loads
  • Stand not included but can be bought separately

It is a pricier machine compared to the above steam iron presses but it’s the ultimate contender in this category. A single press covers a massive surface area so you can speed through the ironing in cover even a large sheet in minutes.

The Speedypress Ultra’s extra-large pressing surface of 35.5 x 12.5 inches makes it significantly longer and wider than the smaller presses listed above. The design also gives you the option of placing it on a sturdy work surface or buying the stand that is custom-designed to support it.

It has a 13.5 fl oz water capacity and as with all the above machines, includes all the basic accessories needed to professionally press everything from your small pieces of clothing, all the way up to the large drapes in your home.

Stand Sold Separately

The Speedy Press Oversized Ultra XL takes up a significant amount of space. If you don’t have a large enough work surface, you have the option of buying the stand designed to support it. The stand places the machine at a height of 31.5 inches.

Best Steam Press with Stand

Speedy Press also manufactures a slightly smaller, (yet still extra-large) digital ironing steam press that comes with a stand. The machine measures 3 inches shorter in length (32.5 x 12.5 inches) and costs about the same price as its big brother.

Digital Steam Ironing Press Buyers Guide

All the above digital steam iron machines deliver the same pressing pressure, equal to 100lbs, and use pressurized steam to help soften the fibers and make wrinkle removal a breeze. They can also be used as a dry iron press by simply not activating the steam function.

They also have multiple temperature settings so you can set the heat to suit the fabric you’re working with… so, how do you choose one above the other? Here’s what to consider.

Pressing Surface Area

Larger items that require pressing are infinity easier on a large fabric steam press. For the regular pressing of large items like table cloths, drapes, sheets, and duvet covers, the choice is simple. The Speedypress’s Ultra XL is the obvious choice.

If you have a regular need to iron shirts, pants, dresses and the occasional suits, then the more compact Steamfast SF-680 and the SINGER Magic would be the best pic.

Large items can be pressed with the smaller steam presses but it requires a bit more expertise. Those new to pressing may find they undo the pressing work they’ve done when they reposition the item. However, with a little practice, you can iron out this small problem.

Ironing Press Surface Areas

  1. Steamfast SF-680: 25 x 10.5 inches
  2. SINGER Magic: 24 x 9 inches
  3. Steamfast SP-660: 22 x 8.7 inches (Smallest)
  4. Speedy Press Oversized: 35.5 x 12.5 inches (Largest)

Stability & Ease of Use

All the machines above should be placed on a stable work surface to make your placing and pressing easy. A surface that wobbles will frustrate and slow the process.

All machines operate with simple, user-friendly controls. On-off switches are uncomplicated and using the lever to lower and raise the press is easy work. Our recommendation is to position the machine at a level that is easy for you to access. Avoid having to bend when placing items in the press.

For the Oversized, Ultra XL Speedy Press, consider buying the stand. It will place the machine at the perfect working height.

Weight & Portability

Do you plan to move the machine around regularly? The Steamfast SF-660 is the lightest of all steam iron presses at 19.6 lbs and has a locking handle which makes it easier to move and pack away.

The Steamfast SF-680 weighs in at 21.4 lbs, closely followed by the Singer at 22lbs. Both have the same handle locking system so the machine does not pop open unexpectedly while being moved.

Warranty and Customer Care

Both Steamfast machines come with a 2 year warranty. The Singer includes a 1 year warranty and the Speedypress, a shorter 6 months. Steamfast appears to have the best reviews when it comes to customer care and support. Although warranties generally only cover manufacturers defects, its reassuring to know if you need parts or support, that you’re dealing with a company that cares.

Iron Press Conclusion

Place and press, that’s all there is to it. No more dry cleaners bills, and no more wasted time behind an ironing board. Regardless if your ironing needs are for a casually clothed family, a corporate power couple or ironing linen and bedding in the hospitality industry, any one of the above steam press iron for sale will have you looking perfectly pressed and polished.

Restaurants, serviced apartments, AirBnB’s and hotels that need a cost-effective alternative to outsourced laundry services will truly enjoy the benefits of these efficient machines.

If you have a large amount of ironing to get through every week, the time you save using a steam press will make you completely rethink ironing as a chore. The average men’s shirt can be pressed to perfection in a minute and a half. Even those clothing items you neglect to save time ironing can be run through the machine in a flash… just for fun.

When you’re done, check out our home page for some extra tips on ironing.