Best Extra Large Ironing Board Wide Enough for Heavy Duty Steam Generator Irons

When shopping for an extra-wide and extra-large ironing board, the board you pick will need to tick a few boxes. It should be able to handle a heavy-duty workload and for this, it should be sturdy and stable.

Larger ironing or pressing jobs generally involve heavier equipment like steam stations or steam generator irons. If you’re working with weighty steaming machines, the ironing board needs to be strong enough to support the weight without moving, shaking or worse, collapsing under the pressure.

We have looked at the strongest, sturdiest ironing board available for sale and have narrowed down the search to 3 top-performing brands, Bartnelli, Brabantia and Reliable.

If you’re looking for something different, check out our full review on ALL of the top rated ironing boards here.



1. Reliable Extra Wide Ironing Board (19 Inch)

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When it comes to versatility and stability, the Reliable Board is a reliable investment. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a larger ironing or work surface combination.

By attaching the square-ended attachment, the ironing board expands and extends by 8 inches. This extra-large surface is perfect for XL ironing or sewing tasks and the linen rack below the board surface can be used as a catch tray too.

The mesh board structure lets steam pass through unstopped avoiding moisture build-up, and it has a built-in iron rest (or steam generator iron rest) on the side with a cord holder and rim for hanging completed ironing.

The leg design ensures a sturdy support for this lavishly sized work station.

  • Ironing board surface size: 47 x 19 inches | 119 x 48 cm
  • Extends to 55 inches | 150 cm
  • Height : 30 – 38 inches | 76 – 98 cm
  • Weight: 29 pounds | 13 kg
  • 2 boards in one
  • Includes 2 ironing board covers
  • 10 year warranty
  • A bit pricey

2. Bartnelli Heavy Duty Ironing Board (19 Inch)

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The Bartnelli Pro luxury, extra wide ironing board (51×19 inches) is out top contender in this review. The large wide top ironing surface means you can do more ironing without having to repeatedly move and place the fabric.

The board height is adjustable and can be set in increments between 30 and 38 inches.

The leg design of the Bartnelli makes for a sturdy board that will not slip or wobble. The feet have a non-slip grip so you can comfortably position it on any floor surface.

The ironing board can support a steam generator iron on its iron holder, including machines with large and heavy water capacities like the Rowenta Pro Steam or some of the Philips models. The iron rest also serves as an ironing rack for hangers.

Below the cotton iron cover and padding, the ironing board surface is made of a metal mesh that allows steam to effectively penetrate fabrics and then evaporate.

  • Ironing board surface size: 51 x 19 inches | 130 x 48 cm
  • Height : 30 – 38 inches | 75 – 98 cm
  • Weight: 21.7 pounds | 10 kg
  • 100% cotton, black design board cover included
  • European made product
  • Safety lock feature
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Surfboard Contour Design (Not very square)

3. Brabantia Sturdy Wide Top Ironing Board (18 Inch)

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Brabantia is a well-known household name and what we love about them, it the variety of sizes they offer so you can pick the perfect fit.

This is the most affordable large and wide-top board in this review. Although it’s a little less wide and 2 inches shorter than the winner, it is still large and has all the cool features you’d want for a stable, sturdy board.

It’s solid and although not designed to hold a steam generator iron, it comfortably holds the weight of the machine on the liner rack positioned below the board surface. Its height is adjustable to the same levels as the other two so it works for the smaller and taller people.

The feet are non-slip so the board will not be running away from you should your ironing become a bit more vigorous and the safety lock secures the legs when the board is open and closed, so no accidental pinches or folding in.

This board is ideal for ironing large items as well as for general home use. It is the lightest of the lot so setup is light and easy and the wide surface makes ironing everyday items like shirts and trousers a cinch. Replaceable ironing board covers are also easily available online.

  • Board dimensions: 49 x 18 inches | 124 x 45 cm
  • Adjustable height: 30 – 38 inches | 75 – 98 cm
  • Weight: 18.6 pounds | 8.5 kg
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Slightly less stable than the competitors

Stable XL Ironing Board Buying Guide


What Size Should You Choose?

If you iron large quantities of bedding, table cloths, blankets or curtains, this question answers itself. The bigger, the better. The 3 boards above differ mostly in length. The Bartnelli is 51 inches long, the Reliable is a whopping 55 inches long with its attachment and the Brabantia 49 inches long.

Depending on the size of your average ironing task, and of course the space you have available, select the one that makes the ironing portion of your day less arduous.

All the above boards can be adjusted to 38 inches in height, a bonus for taller individuals.

How Wide is Wide?

18 to 19 inches is very wide considering an average board is around 14 inches. Anything wider and you could basically be using a table with an ironing cover or mat on top.

A wide top ironing board makes a significant difference when it comes to ironing larger items. The amount of surface coverage means you get a lot of ironing done at once before having to reposition the item.

How to Gauge if a Big Board is Sturdy and Stable

This is not rocket science, but it’s something that manufacturers understand and prioritize in a quality board. Sturdy leg construction means the board is balanced and does not rock or sway under normal working conditions. This applies when ironing, pressing or even folding items on the stable surface.

This is not based on how heavy the board is. The design itself allows you to apply even pressure over the surface of the board without risking it tipping. A quality grip on the feet also ensures the board doesn’t slip or slide regardless if you’re working on tiles or carpets.

Quality Comes at a Price

These boards are well priced for their class, but we don’t consider them cheap ironing boards. The build quality of these heavy-duty boards sets them apart from the rest. It makes little sense to compare them to average boards and their lower price points.

The Reliable is the most expensive, but it does have the 2-in-1 feature which essentially gives you multi-purpose functionality from a single board. The Bartnelli and Brabantia are similar in price. The Brabantia is slightly cheaper but the Bartnelli is slightly larger, measuring a few extra inches.

Safety Features

Safety locks insure your board doesn’t open or close when it shouldn’t. This is nothing high tech but it’s a key part of your board, especially when it is carrying a heavy load. All the above boards have a safety latch that needs to be released before it moves from open to closed, or vice versa.

Product Guarantee

The European made Bartnelli comes with a 3 year warranty and covers any manufacturing faults on the board. The Reliable and the Brabantia have a 10 year guarantee on their products which gives you an idea of how confident the manufacturers are in their superior products.

Even products without a warranty should replace or refund the item if it is damaged.

What is the Best Extra Large Ironing Board?

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, all-purpose board and pressing station with a wide top, the absolute cream of the crop is the Reliable which provides ample space and versatility..

If budget is a bit more of a concern but you still need a wide board that can hold the weight of ironing equipment, the Bartnelli steps in as a super solid and sturdy workhorse.

If you prefer a more rectangular design than the Bartinelli but the Reliable is too pricey, then the Brabantia would be our recommendation.

Either way, you cannot go wrong… all of these products are top quality and worthwhile investments to complement any laundry room or sewing studio.