Best Over the Door Ironing Board Reviews

Over the door ironing boards are excellent space savers. We can’t help get excited about utilizing dead space and turning it into convenient storage.

The units can be mounted on the back of any door or and hidden from sight. When you’re ready to get the ironing done, setup is painstakingly simple. Fold-down, iron, fold-up and you’re done.

They are also super easy to move, so if you want to move your ironing from the laundry room to the lounge for a change of scenery, simply hook it on the closest door and you’re set.

If you’re unsure if the over door board is the perfect fit for you, we’ve also researched some alternatives. Ironing becomes a lot less of a drag if you’re working with the right equipment and we’ve reviewed a variety of ironing boards for sale online.



1. Household Essentials Door Mounted Ironing Board with Iron Holder

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This door hung ironing board is unique in that it also has a built-in caddy or iron holder to store your steam iron. This is convenient if you have adequate (2 inches) clearance behind a door, but if the space behind your door is a tight fit, then the iron holder may stop it from opening fully.

It has stabilizing feet that rest against the door so you get a little less wobble and it will prevent the board will from damaging the surface. The board closes itself by simply pressing a lever.

It looks very similar to the Homz board above except the metal frame is not coated making it a little more noticeable. However, if you have it tucked away behind a door anyway, it’s a non-issue.

Like all the boards reviewed here, this model comes assembled and includes a 3mm ironing pad and cover. It comes with 2 sets of hooks. One set fits a standard 1.5 inch door and the second 2 inch hook is suited for thicker doors. The hooks have cushioning to protect doors from wear.

  • Ironing board surface dimensions: 41 x 14 inches | 104 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Suits 2 door thicknesses: Both 1.5 inch wide and 2 inch wide hooks included
  • Self-closing with the press of a lever
  • Hooks are a little thick so may catch on the door frame

2. Honey-Can-Do Ironing Board for Back of Door

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This board is the lightest of all the door hanging ironing board in this review, making it ideal if you plan to hang it on the back of a cupboard door.

Being lighter, however, makes it less sturdy than we’d hoped. If you do a lot of ironing, this board will frustrate you, so opt for one of the above choices.

It has a lock that holds the board securely in place when folded up so it stays safely in its upright position.

The work surface is the same as its competitors but it may be best to use it for light ironing and folding only. It will not hold up too well if used for heavy pressing and ironing large items.

  • Ironing board surface dimensions: 42 x 14 inches | 106 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Door thickness: Designed to fit standard 1-3/8 inch doors
  • Hooks are a little large and loose
  • Wobbles quite a bit

3. Homz Over Door Ironing Board

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The US-made Homz takes first place as the best over the door ironing board for its clean simplicity. The steel frame is coated to prevent rust and this also helps it blend in and be even less conspicuous when you mount it on a standard white door.

The hanging board can also be mounted on the inside of a cupboard door. Just ensure that the door is stable enough to handle the weight of the board and your ironing load.

The hooks have holes that can be used to screw the unit into position; this will make the board more stable and ensure it can’t come loose.

Its slim design means it only protrudes one inch from the door when hung so it won’t restrict the door’s normal open position. A locking mechanism keeps the board upright while not in use.

It comes with a neutral cotton board cover and Homz also includes two free dryer balls with the purchase… thanks, Homz. Replacement covers are also available online. It comes fully assembled and ready to hang.

  • Ironing board surface dimensions: 42 x 14,25 inches | 106 x 37 cm
  • Weight: 7.75 pounds
  • Door thickness: Fits standard 1-3/8 inch doors
  • Thick padded board cover
  • The board cover takes a bit of adjusting to fit perfectly

4. Polder Over-the-Door Ironing Board

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The Polder is yet another sleek and slim ironing board that attaches to a door. It can be hooked out of site but with only a quick release of the lock, it pops open and is ready for use. It is spring-loaded to which makes closing it super easy.

When closed, it is only 1.25 inches thick, allowing your door to open all the way.

It’s one of the more stable boards which we attribute to its weightier frame so it doesn’t wobble or shake too badly for an over door unit. It comes assembled and includes a grey and white colored ironing board cover.

It’s the priciest board on the list, but only by a small amount.

  • Ironing board surface dimensions: 42 x 14 inches | 106 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 7.45 pounds
  • Door thickness: Fits doors up to 1.5 inches thick
  • Safety Lock
  • Door hooks are not attached to the ironing frame

Best Hanging Ironing Board Buyers Guide

Door Mounted Ironing Board Size

All the boards listed above have the same 42 long by 14 wide work surface, except for the Homz which is ever so slightly wider. A larger board means you cover a larger area and less repositioning of the item is needed.

So ultimately, a larger work area will speed up the amount of time you spend ironing.

Weight and Stability

The Honey-Can-Do board is the lightest but this is only an advantage if you plan to move the board often.

While ironing, the heavier boards tend to be more stable and move around less. While ironing, use a stopper to secure your door so it does not swing back and forth. This would make your ironing experience a lot less efficient… not to mention frustrating.

Door Board Price

All the boards fall into roughly the same price range.

For the minimal difference in price, it’s worth spending the few extra dollars and taking home the top-rated board… that is unless you’re a brand fan and want to support your preferred manufacturer.

Ironing Board Door Storage

Firstly, having the board on the back of the door means you don’t have to set up or pack-away an ironing board again.

Secondly, you don’t need to “make” space for it. Nothing has to move for you to get a whole new piece of functional furniture in your home. The unused space is out of sight and when you need to straighten out your clothes, it conveniently ready for action.

Best Rated for Safety

Door hung units where the hooks are secured to the door and have a safety latch on the board are the more secure options. The Homz Ironing Board offers both these features.

Once installed, the boards have locking mechanisms that release and secure the ironing board itself so its safe to work on and safe to store without risk of it falling open accidentally.

The installation, or hanging up of the board is in your hands. Be sure the hooks fit securely to the door to ensure the unit does not come loose if bumped. The hooks can be screwed to the door for additional stability.

For a permanent door board solution, extra fastenings can be added to the frame of the board to prevent it from knocking and moving while you iron.

Warranty and Customer Care

Most warranties cover manufacturers defects. Honey-Can-Do has a limited lifetime warranty on its boards while Polder guarantees all of its products and offers replacements or refunds to clients who are not 100% satisfied.

All 4 manufacturers are reputable suppliers of home care products. Homz has over 60 years of experience in the industry, followed by Polder with over 40 and Household Essentials with over 30. Honey-Can-Do is the youngest but making a good impression non-the-less.

In Conclusion

Over the door boards are perfect for quick ironing. They reduce setup time because they’re always hanging at the ready. The above selection includes 4 of the best rated over door ironing boards available on Amazon.

They’re ideal for rooms and apartments where space is limited, but where you still need a functional ironing board. Storing the board inconspicuously on the back of a door will help keep the space organized and clutter-free.