Best Rowenta Steam Iron Reviews 2023

Which is the best Rowenta iron on the market and how do you tell them apart? We tested more than 12 different Rowenta iron models and compared steam output, power, water capacity, comfort and ease of use. Even though many models have their own unique features, the overall Rowenta quality is excellent and any of the models below would be a great addition to your home.

In this list, we cover every popular Rowenta from highest steam to largest tank and even the most portable, so let’s dive in and compare! If we’re missing your favorite Rowenta, let us know. By the way, if you need to see other brands too, visit our best steam irons review here.



1. Rowenta Steamforce – Highest Steam Output

5 stars
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The 1800 Watt Rowenta DW9280 Steamforce is the most powerful when it comes to heating up speed and its steam production is unbeatable. It also has a dual steam/temperature dial so it never spits and the temperature display panel on the side makes working with it a breeze. It’s also comfortable, has a large 12 ounce water capacity and it looks great. Full Review

  • 65 g p/min variable steam & 210 g p/min steam burst
  • Combined steam and temperature dial
  • Smart steam motion sensor
  • LED heat display on the side
  • Large 12-ounce water capacity
  • Heats up in seconds
  • A bit pricier

2. Rowenta Everlast – For Hardwater Areas

45 stars
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Although all Rowenta irons use tap water and have built-in anti-calc systems, the Rowenta Everlast is designed with a removable lime-scale collector so you can easily remove mineral buildup and keep it working perfectly. This is perfect for people living in areas where tap water has very high mineral content. These minerals build up in appliances over time and ultimately lead to them deteriorating.

  • Removable Lime-scale collector
  • 35 g /min variable steam & 180 g/min steam burst
  • Large 12-ounce water tank
  • Slightly heavier

3. Rowenta Perfect Pro Steam Iron Station

4 stars
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The Rowenta Perfect Pro generates 7.4 bars of pressure that creates a steam output of 430 gram steam bursts. Additionally, it has an eco-mode which reduces power usage and steam output for when you need less steam force. It’s ideal for professional use as it has no auto shut-off feature so you can iron for as long as you need without unscheduled pauses. It is perhaps a little more expensive compared to what you get from the other irons on this list.

  • 37 Ounce water capacity
  • 400 Steam holes
  • Energy-saving settings
  • A little pricey for what you get

4. Rowenta Eco – Energy Saving

3 stars
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If you’re energy conscious and want to work with an iron that saves both power and water, then this is a good match for you. Not only is the design beautiful but this iron also has an impressive steam output. It has all the features we love in the Rowenta, stainless steel soleplate except with the steam trapping technology, prevision tip, solid build, anti-leak seals and anti-calc cleaning system. It’s on the pricier spectrum when it comes to irons but that’s because it’s a superior product.

  • 40 g/min variable steam & 180 g/min steam burst
  • Uses 25% less energy than standard irons
  • Easy to see water level
  • Steam saving soleplate design

5. Rowenta Access – With Retractable Cord

3 stars
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The Rowenta Access puts out adequate steam and still has the classic Rowenta soleplate with a precision tip. The retractable cord is a welcome convenience when it comes to packing away and it also has features like safety shut-offs, calc cleaner, and an Auto-Steam thermostat matches steam output to iron temperature. It has all the winning Rowenta characteristics, but with a larger housing to accommodate the cord reel.

  • Retractable cord for convenience
  • 180 g/min steam burst
  • Retractable cord housing increases the overall size

6. Rowenta Pro – Perfect Middle Performer

3 stars
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The Pro Master is labeled a ‘professional grade’ iron by Rowenta, but the only unique feature if the soft-grip handle and the stainless steel look on the side. Although the finish on the handle creates excellent grip, the rest of the iron is pretty much a standard Rowenta. It competes in the same price range as both the Eco Intelligent and the Everlast but has a slightly lower steam output. The soleplate, precision tip, easy filling and smooth dials are all Rowenta features we know and love.

  • 40 g/min variable steam & 160 g/min steam burst
  • Self-cleaning, anti-calc system
  • Power Cord could be longer

7. Rowenta – Travel Iron

3 stars
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The Rowenta First Class offers high performance for such a compact appliance. This is ideal for students and young bachelors who don’t do much ironing but want to stay wrinkle-free. If you travel, it’s also the perfect size to simply throw in your travel bag, plus its dual voltage capabilities mean you can use it anywhere in the world. Its light body makes it extremely easy to use. Full Review

  • Perfect for people who only iron occasionally
  • Dual-voltage capabilities for travel
  • Compact, flat-folding handle & storage pouch
  • Vertical steaming capabilities
  • Small water tank
  • Lower power (1000 Watt)
  • Ideal for ironing only a few items at a time

Best Rowenta Buyer’s Guide


Steam Production

Rowenta clearly understands the power of steam when it comes to ironing. The more steam, the more effective an iron is at beating wrinkles. Rowenta irons have superior steam output.

Rowenta irons repeatedly take top positions in our reviews because of their superior steaming performance. Check out our Home Page where Rowenta irons feature for home use, travel, sewing and more…

Of course, if you want even more steam with the added convenience of only filling the water tank occasionally, then the Rowenta Perfect Pro Ironing Station is another superior steam producer. It is ideal for professional use as well as for home use, really anywhere there’s a large ironing demand.

The Steam burst function has even more pressure behind it and that makes more challenging wrinkles so much easier to remove. This also makes the irons more effective when it comes to vertical steaming.

Best Price on Rowenta Irons

Rowenta’s are all priced a little higher than the average store-bought iron and for good reason, they are incredibly well made and clearly designed to focus on comfort while ironing.

Are Rowenta irons worth the price? In my personal experience, spending a few extra dollars is worth it to buy right the first time.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

The soleplate size and design have a large impact on the speed of ironing. Firstly, a larger soleplate size means more coverage so you iron faster…but it also means you can’t get into the smaller, harder-to-reach spots… or does it?

That’s why we love the precision tip on the Rowentas. The narrow tip lets you get in and around details so easily while the large surface area takes care of the rest.

Lastly, the soleplates on the larger irons have 400 for evenly spread steam distribution. The smaller irons have fewer holes because of the smaller surface areas but they are equally well spread which makes the iron perform so well when it comes to getting rid of creases.

Even the compact travel iron has 200 holes spread out over the soleplate to ensure it steam irons your clothes quickly and effectively.

Water Capacity & Water Type

Water capacities vary between 8 and 12 ounces, this falls within the average tank capacities when it comes to traditional handheld irons. The Steam Generator holds 47 ounces which is a big jump, but then again steam generator irons are in their own class. All Rowenta irons take tap water.

Weight of the Appliance

The ideal weight of an iron comes down to personal preference but we feel the ideal weight is between 3 and 4 pounds. This is because it gives you that extra down pressure when you’re ironing so you don’t have to add pressure which makes your arm tired.

Too light means you push down more while too heavy means you get a sore arm and shoulder from picking up and putting down a heavy appliance.

Heat Settings

The temperature setting should be easy to change and clearly visible. We love the light-up displays that make checking your heat setting quick and easy. It’s so much easier to simply look down than to keep rechecking the dial.

Power Cord

All the steam irons have around 8 feet of power cord which is more than enough to work comfortably and without snagging. The Rowenta Access has a convenient retractable cord if you want something neat and easy to store.

Energy Savings

Rowenta has designed the Eco Intelligent DW6080 with energy-saving in mind.

It is 25% more energy-efficient compared to other irons but still has the same high steam performance that you need when ironing. Because of its 3D soleplate, the steam is concentrated and contained. Less steam is lost so it does not need to produce as much and both water and energy usage is reduced.

Calc-Cleaning System

Water high in minerals, known as hard water, is found in 85% of the U.S. Although this does not affect your health, it does cause a mineral buildup (called limescale) around the heating elements on the inside of your iron. When the iron converts the water in the tank to steam, these small particles stay behind and form a layer of scale.

This is one of the main reasons irons leak and eventually break down completely. Rowenta has designed their irons with an anti-scale system so that they can be cleaned. This helps stop the iron aging and breaking down.

Safety and Auto Shutoff

Safety features are pretty standard in modern irons. They basically make sure the iron switches off after 30 seconds if left face down or if it accidentally falls on its side. Also, if the iron is left inactive for a period of 10 minutes or so, it automatically goes into sleep mode to prevent accidents and fires.

Some of the Rowentas do not have this feature, like the Steam Generator iron and the travel iron. This can be an advantage for tailors or quilters who need a hot iron ready and waiting, but it will mean you must remember to switch off when you’re done.

Rowenta Customer Service & Warranty

Rowenta offers a 1 year, limited warranty on their products. Because of their commitment to the environment… another reason we love the brand… they put a lot of time into customer care and support so faulty irons can be repaired rather than replaced. You can locate the closest support center to you by checking out the support page on their website.

Where are Rowenta Irons made? Rowenta is a German product. Most of its irons are manufactured in Germany, but they have support centers all over the US (and the world) that will be able to repair your appliance if needed.

In Conclusion

Any of the 5-star irons on this list will make a great choice!

If you have a large ironing load and don’t want the hassle of filling a smaller 10-ounce tank every 15 minutes, then you will love the steam generator (ironing station) which not only gives you superior steam but up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted steam ironing.

We get that it’s not easy to get excited about ironing but anyone can get excited about doing what they normally do in much less time. Rowenta continues to impress us with their range of steam irons that are high quality and a pleasure to use… yes, in case you hadn’t noticed… I’m a big fan!