Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

A steam mop is a brilliant cleaning investment, considering how effortlessly it can clean laminate floors.

Laminate flooring requires special care to prevent hazing and damage. There are two key factors you’ll need to consider when choosing the best steam mop for laminate floors. One is steam control or variable heat settings, and the second is an absorbent microfiber mop.

Manufacturers warn that large amounts of water, or steam, can damage hardwood or laminate flooring so you need to avoid saturating the floor surface and ensure it dries quickly.

30 seconds is all it takes for the steam to evaporate from the laminate flooring after the steam’s moisture is mopped up by the microfiber mop pad, along with stubborn dirt.


1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner – Best for Everything!

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The Dupray Neat Steamer is superior in every possible way. There’s even a 2-year warranty on the product and a lifetime warranty on the boiler!

You can grab it at Amazon or directly from Dupray.

Thanks to the multitude of accessories, it can be used as a steam mop for wood and tile floors, a steam brush with grout cleaner, a steam cleaner for sofas, and even a clothes steamer! By the way, it excels in every single one of those applications.

Since the water tank can be connected by a 6″ hose to the steam output nozzle, it’s much easier to move around and get into really difficult places.

It also means that the tank can hold a massive 54 oz (1.6 liters) of water and produce steam for up to 50 minutes!

The steam output is incredible and there’s absolutely no comparison with the models below. If you want to get the right product once and have it do essentially everything, this is the one.

  • Best All-round Steam Cleaner
  • Compact Yet Ultra-versatile
  • Massive 54 oz (1.6 liters) Water Tank
  • Steams Up to 50 Minutes!
  • Super-long Detachable 6’6″ (2 Meter) Hose
  • Incredible Value for Money

2. Bissel PowerFresh Steam Mop

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The BISSELL PowerFresh has a smart set digital steam control so you can adjust the heat settings. Always start with the lowest setting for laminate flooring. Turn up the heat if you have a particularly sticky mess to clean. The machine is steam ready in 30 seconds.

It also has a built-in easy scrubber on the mop so you can work at lifting stains or dirt without having to get on your hands and knees.

The microfiber pad is gentle and will not scratch the surface of your flooring. It is also super absorbent so it will absorb loosened dirt and any remaining moisture as you glide over your laminate.

The pads can be a little tight to put on the mop but they do soften to the perfect fit after one or two uses.

If you have both laminate and tile flooring in your home, this is a great machine as it is gentle and effective when it needs to be, but adjust the setting and you have steam cleaning for stubborn tile and grout cleaning too.

  • Great product for an excellent price
  • Built-in scrubber for stains
  • Long power cord for easy reach
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Steam is on all the time which takes a bit of getting used to

3. Light ‘n Easy Multi-Surface Floor Steamer

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Multi-purpose floor and surface cleaner.

The Light ‘n’ Easy Multi-Surface Cleaner is another quick and easy mop to make cleaning your hardwood floors a dream. It is steam ready in 30 seconds and you can adjust the setting low to ensure no harm comes to your shiny laminate floor. The sensor on the handle allows you to stop making steam by simply removing your hand, this is great to ensure you do not overheat your floor and weaken glue bonds on your laminate.

The manufacturers offer lifetime support on the product should you need replacement parts or repairs.

There is no on-off button but the handle sensor essentially stops the machine so it’s not necessary. It has a shorter power cable than some other machines, but the 20-foot reach allows you to clean a fairly large area without the need to change plug points.

  • Multi-purpose steam cleaner
  • Safety sensor built into the handle
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Floor mop rotates 360 degrees
  • Detachable handheld steamer for upholstery and other surfaces
  • Water tank overflow if too full

4. Bissell Symphony – Premium Option

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Vacuums and steams your floors at the same time.

The Bissell Symphony steam mop and vacuum functional is a huge time saver, even if it is a little pricey, it is well worth the few extra dollars.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean with microfiber pads that effectively clean and dry your laminate fast. It even has disposable cleaning pads for those messes you’d rather not touch.

The vacuum sucks up fine grit, dirt or fur just ahead of the steam which deep cleans and sanitizes your floor.

Its vacuum suction is not great on carpets but then again, it has been designed for use on laminate floors and tiles. It is a bit louder than a steam mop but then again, it’s not just a steam mop, but a vacuum cleaner

Perfect for pet owners or homes with kids where dust and dirt are regularly being dragged into the house. The vacuum and steam cleaning in one swoop will add years to your sanity.

  • Vacuum and steam at the same time
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves time sweeping or vacuuming before steaming
  • High and low steam setting
  • Louder than a steam mop
  • Heavier than a steam mop

5. Shark Steam Pocket Mop

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Lightweight with pump-action steam release.

The Shark Pocket Mop starts working the moment you plug it in. Steam is heated in 30 seconds, just like the top-of-the-range products. It releases steam with the forward and backward motion you use when cleaning a floor surface but it allows you to make additional pumps if you need to deep clean a specific area. This control ensures you do not overheat or over-wet your laminate.

You may need to pre-treat heavily stained areas with a laminate floor cleaner before using the Shark Mop as it is designed for cleaning light to medium messes. This however is the best way to handle any stain on a laminate floor as excessive steam can damage the surface and leave the dreaded “haze” where the natural shine of your floor is dulled.

It is super light and easy to use with a swivel head and replaceable microfiber mop pads to quickly soak any moisture off your shiny floors.

If you want a steam-cleaned floor without breaking the budget, then the Shark Pocket mop will not disappoint.

  • Pump action steam release
  • Light and easy to use
  • Gentle steam cleaner
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extendable mop handle
  • Perfect for regular floor cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not ideal for deep cleaning

6. Light ‘n Easy Steam Mop – Budget Option

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20 seconds to steam ready, lightweight and budget friendly.

Because budget is often a key factor, we have included the lightweight, easy to use swivel head, LIGHT ‘N’ EASY S3101 Budget mop. Like the Shark, it releases steam with a pump action. It’s the fastest of the lot when it comes to being ready to use and its steam cleaning strength is ideal for small to medium cleaning tasks. This makes it gentle enough for laminate floors and vinyl.

The water tank capacity is smaller than any of the other mops, but this makes it ideal for cleaning up small areas and extremely light.

If budget is a factor and you’re looking for quick heating time for a fast clean, this appliance will save you 10 seconds compared to any of the above units. But our call, if budget is your driving factor, is the Shark Steam Pocket mop above.

  • Light and easy to use
  • Quickest 20 second heating time
  • Budget friendly
  • Small water tank capacity
  • Not ideal for deep cleaning
  • Not ideal for large laminate surfaces

Buyers Guide


The Dupray Neat outshines the rest by a mile.

Our first 3 reviewed products win the quality prize. The BISSELL PowerFresh, LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multi Purpose and the Bissell Symphony are tried and tested machines that will last.

Dupray and BISSELL offer a 2 year warranty which provides additional confidence that if anything was to break or go wrong, repairs or replacement parts are easy to come by.


Since it’s so much more than a steam mop, Dupray offers the most versatility.

All the machines offer versatility when it comes to how much steam you release. Our first 3, the BISSELL PowerFresh, the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multi Purpose and the BISSELL Symphony, all have steam strength settings which allow you to turn down the heat. This ensures you don’t risk losing that shine on your laminate floors.

But when it comes to all round versatility, the winner has to be the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multi Purpose steam cleaner. It will not only have your flooring sparkling clean, but bathroom and kitchen surfaces, as well as upholstery, mattresses, car seats, pet beds… and the list goes on.

The nozzles and cleaning fittings make it great for spot treating stains and also getting into those tight corners (like on stairs) where standard steam mops just can’t reach.


The Shark Steam Pocket Mop and the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY are our budget buys, however, the BISSELL PowerFresh, for only a few dollars more, is by far the superior machine. It also has a 2 year warranty which may save you money in the long run and BISSELL is a well trusted name with years of experience in the steam cleaning field.

Ease of Use

All the products in this top 5 review are easy to use; however there are a few factors than make some a little more use friendly over the next.

A long power cord gives you extra reach and avoids the inconvenience of having to move plug points or pull out a cumbersome extension cord.

Secondly, a larger water tank capacity means you don’t have to re-fill the machine as regularly.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Tips

Laminate flooring requires special care when cleaning because wood and water do not mix well. Spills left on the surface of laminate flooring can cause damage and swelling that can only be repaired by replacing the area.

Here are some tips for keeping your floor clean and maintaining that perfect shine.

  1. Use an outdoor cleaning mat and have an indoor rug too to remove any outdoor grit.
  2. Have a no shoe policy in the house. Most dirt enters the home from the soles of your shoes, so contain the mess.
  3. Sweep or vacuum regularly. Cleaning frequency depends on the traffic of the area.
  4. Dirt and grit can trapped under foot and scratch the floor surface.
  5. Avoid using detergents like pine cleaners, oil cleaner, soap, ammonia or bleach. These can damage the floor surface and leave a “haze”.
  6. Choose the right steam cleaner to ensure you don’t damage the floor and risk voiding your warranty.
  7. Use your steam machine on the lowest heat setting to avoid weakening the glue of your laminate boards or over soaking the wood which can cause swelling.
  8. Do not leave the steam in one spot for too long for the same reason above.
  9. If you prefer to use a cleaning solution, buy a laminate floor cleaner specifically designed for cleaning wooden floors.
  10. Mop in the direction of the grain to avoid streaks.
  11. Keep spare microfiber pads handy so you can replace them when cleaning. A clean pad will do a good job of lifting dirt and water off the surface. A dirty pad will leave streaks.

What Exactly is Haze?

Haze is damage to the laminate floor surface caused by cleaning products. Haze is that misty mat look on the floor that used to have an attractive, even shine.

Haze is a real pain point on laminate flooring and can be difficult to remove. Laminate floor cleaners and a microfiber mop can help improve the haze.

When washing the microfiber pad, do not use fabric softener as this can also create “haze” on your flooring and it also clogs the fiber of the microfiber pad. This will result in them absorbing dirt and moisture less efficiently.

Let us know how your steam cleaning machine is working for you. Has it reduced cleaning time? Did you change to steam cleaning from a traditional floor mop? If so, what benefits and improvements are you experiencing?