Does Steaming Clothes Clean Them


Clothes steamers are primarily focused on removing wrinkles. However, if you’re wondering whether steaming disinfects clothes, or is better than washing them, this article will help you find the answer. Does Steaming Clothes Clean Them? Yes and no. Steaming clothes can loosen dirt, kill bacteria, and even help remove stains. Unfortunately, it doesn’t magically wash … Read more

Steamer vs Iron – Which is Better for Clothes


If you’re wondering whether a steamer you should buy a garment steamer or a clothes iron, this article will break down the pros and cons of each as well as which items should and shouldn’t be steamed. Where talking here about the handheld type of steamer which (usually) doesn’t physically touch the garment versus a … Read more

Can You Iron on Rayon – A Guide to Removing Wrinkles


Rayon ironing temperature: 375° F | 190° C Rayon is typically made from cellulose fibers from wood pulp. It is extremely versatile and can be used to imitate almost any other fabric at a much cheaper price. It’s often blended with other fabrics like polyester and cotton to help strengthen the fabric. Because of its … Read more

How to Get Stubborn Wrinkles Out of Clothes

How to Get Stubborn Wrinkles Out of Clothes

Have you ever had a situation where, no matter how hard you try, wrinkles won’t iron out? In this article, we’ll show you why clothes wrinkle, how to remove stubborn wrinkles from clothing, and even some advanced techniques for when wrinkles just won’t iron out. With the right technique and enough effort, stubborn wrinkles CAN be … Read more

Can You Iron Leather to Get Wrinkles Out of Jackets, Boots, and More


This article explains how to get wrinkles out of leather safely and without damaging it. We’ll cover the process of ironing leather jackets, pants, boots, skirts, and more. Can you Iron Leather? Yes. Ironing is the most effective way to get wrinkles out of the leather. Simply, iron the underside of the leather on the … Read more

Can You Iron a Tie – How to Flatten and Remove Wrinkles


Safely ironing an expensive tie could feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, this article will explain exactly how to iron a tie made from any kind of fabric as well as some safety tips to keep you from accidentally damaging your ties. Let’s start with the most important question… Can You Iron a Tie? Yes. … Read more

Does Ironing Shrink Clothes?


As long as you check the clothing label and use the appropriate heat settings you should be safe. But what if you did all that and the garment still shrunk? This article explores all the possible reasons as well as solutions. Does Ironing Shrink Clothes? No. Washing natural fibers like wool and cotton too hot, … Read more

Can You Iron Felt Material for Crafts, Hats, Pool Tables etc


If you’re wondering how to get wrinkles out of felt or if it will melt when ironed, this is the right article for you. We’ll cover everything from the safest ironing temperature for felt to the best irons to use. Can you Iron Felt? Yes. You should use a pressing cloth to protect the felt … Read more

How to Use a Steam Mop on Tiles


Steam mop machines heat the water in the water container to high temperatures and then send pressurized steam into the mop head and onto your floors, effortlessly lifting the dirt. Steam mops have changed the game. Keeping your tiles clean and hygienic has never been easier… and faster. Steam cleaning can be effectively used for … Read more