Hamilton Beach Professional Steam Generator Iron 19573 Review

We no longer endorse this iron and suggest you go here for newer options.

Who is it for? If home ironing or sewing demands a large amount of your time, life is about to get a lot easier.

What we love! Yet another Hamilton Beach winner. Pressurized steam systems were originally designed for professional and industrial use, but now we get to enjoy them in our own homes. We also love the sleek, contemporary grey finish.


Not only does it comes with some serious wrinkle removal skills, but it’s also light, easy to work with and has the largest water capacity of any steam generator iron we’ve reviewed to date. The 5 bars of steam pressure produce a powerful steam force that penetrates creases and effortlessly erases them. This drastically cuts down on your overall ironing time.

Unique to the Hamilton Beach Professional is its non-stick soleplate with 10 times the life span of conventional coatings. Added to this is their 3 year warranty, 3 times that of its competitors in our review.

Hamilton Beach is a brand that strives to make life easier and it shows in their affordable and highly efficient products. Top-end technology and superior steam ironing performance are now available to anyone. Heres more…

Hamilton Beach 19573 Specifications

  • Weight: 8.82 Pounds
  • Water Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Pressure Rating: 5 Bars
  • Voltage: 1750 watts
  • Steam Hose: 5 Feet
  • Safety Auto-off Switch: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 Year

Hamilton Beach Professional Features

Continuous High Powered Steam

5 bars of pressure (that’s a lot!), generated by 1750 watts of power delivers a steam load that is hard to beat in a home steam iron. This professional performing steam generator iron will have you sailing through your laundry load in record time.

It is ready to iron and steam in 3 minutes. Its large water capacity will have you ironing nonstop for over an hour. Should your level run low, you can top up the tank without having to stop the machine.

Eco Setting

As with the top name brands in the steam ironing world, Hamilton Beach has incorporated an Eco mode to conserve energy. Along with less power consumption, comes reduces water usage so your 60 ounce water capacity will last you longer too.

Non-stick Soleplate

In our book, this is one of the top features of the Hamilton Beach Professional that sets it apart from the rest. The manufacturers boast a Durathon nonstick soleplate that they claim is 10 times more durable than traditional nonstick ironing plates.

The solplate also has steam holes distributed over the base for even steam distribution.

Now I will openly say I’m super excited about this proclamation. In my experience, coated iron are more trouble than they are worth and I’ve always preferred a simple stainless steel soleplate, but looking at the evidence, Hamilton Beach is teaching us something new… here’s a little additional info if you’re curious.

Anti-Scale Function

The machine has a built-in water softener that will help remove limescale buildup. It also comes with a boiler cleaning brush to help gently remove any mineral deposits.

Extra Large Water Tank Capacity

The 60 ounce water tank is transparent so you can gauge when it needs to be topped up. It has an easy-fill cap on the front of the base.

Ergonomic Design

The 5 foot steam hose allows you distance to both iron on your ironing board and vertical steam. The base of the steam generator has convenient cord storage so you can wrap excess power cord or hose out of the way when in use or when you’re done.

It’s comfortable and light to work with. The dial and buttons are conveniently placed for easy use, both horizontally and vertically.

Variable Heat and Steam Settings

Adjustable heat and steam settings allow you to moderate steam output and temperature.

3 Year Warranty

This is an impressive additional bonus when buying an appliance. For one, it give you peace of mind that should anything go wrong, you can have your machine and its parts repaired or replaced. Additionally, it gives you confidence in the product and the manufacturer.

Most steam iron manufacturers offer a 1 year limited warranty so this is a pleasant surprise.


  • XL 60 Ounce water capacity
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Economy mode saves water and power
  • 3 year warranty


  • Frustrating auto-off feature interrupts ironing

Our Last Word

The stamina that this machine displays will outperform and outlast most traditional steam irons and we’re eager to see the Hamilton Beach brand grow and offer us more innovation in the steam ironing world. If you’re considering investing in one,  check out this link to compare the performance of a steam generator iron compared to a traditional iron.

Although the absence of a safety shut-off system may be a concern for some, sewers and quilters who generally hate an auto-off setting will be thrilled with the continuous heat and continuous steam on demand.

This is one great looking and great performing steamer that we are happy to endorse. Send us your feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly…