How to Close an Ironing Board Collapsing and Folding

While one board will differ from the next, the locking mechanisms work much the same. Opening, closing and folding your ironing board is a breeze with our easy to follow steps.

We also look at how to open an ironing board with a broken lever… and how to fix it! Failing that, you may need to consider a new ironing board that won’t put your nerves and reflexes to the test.

How to Close an Ironing Board

1. Clear the Board’s Surface

Remove any objects from the board and also clear the area around where you’re standing. Be especially careful with a hot iron or cords that could potentially wrap up in the process.

2. Tilt the Board

Tilt your ironing board so that the square back end rests on the floor, with the pointed nose pointing upwards.

3. Push the Lever

Holding the board securely, locate the leaver under the board and push it in and away. This will release the latch that locks the legs in place. Some boards have two levers for right or left-hand use.  You only need to press one of them.

4. Fold the Legs In

Move the legs towards the board.  The central hinge will enable the legs to fold up flat against the board. Be careful not to accidentally have your fingers caught in the folding metal frame.

5. Lock the Legs in Place

Secure the legs in place using the leg locking system. This will ensure your board is safe to move and store.

Closing an Ironing Board With a Broken Lever

To close an ironing board with a broken lever, you will need a screwdriver.

On the underside of the board surface, find the locking mechanism and the bridge. In the bridge, you should see the pin or locking mechanism poking through.

Using a screwdriver, push the pin int to release it, you will then be able to open and close the legs as normal.

How to Fix an Ironing Board With a Broken Lever

A common complaint with lever release ironing boards is that often the lever falls off, leaving a perfectly good ironing board that cannot be opened or closed.  These steps will help you fix this problem permanently.

  1. Looking at the underside of your ironing board, you’ll see the path of the lever mechanism.
  2. You’ll see two holes with a small metal rectangle between them covering the bar that crosses the board.
  3. The lever needs to go in the channel on top of them, but underneath the larger metal plate to which the legs are attached.
  4. A long rod is attached to the small metal plate which tops the spring that allows the ironing board open and close.
  5. Insert the lever into the channel – under the big metal plate that the legs are attached to and above the small metal plate attached to the long rod.
  6. You may have to work the lever a bit to get it into the correct spot.
  7. The bend on the end of the lever goes around the long thin rod and sets on the small rectangle metal plate.
  8. When you push the lever to open and close the ironing board it should push the small rectangle metal plate and the spring down which opens and closes the board.
  9. You can bend the channel closed with a pair of pliers.

Storing Your Ironing Board

An ironing board should be stored with the nose facing upward and the legs on the floor. Secure the legs with the leg-lock on the underside side of the ironing board to ensure that your ironing board stands safely.

Failure to secure the legs can cause accidental opening, damaging your ironing board. Knowing how to open, close and lock your ironing board into position will prevent it from even accidentally pinching your fingers, or worse, falling open or closed when it’s not supposed to.