How To Use A Trouser Press

A trouser press is essentially an electronic valet stand which heat-presses your dress pants overnight to remove wrinkles. As with a traditional valet stand, there’s usually also a handy jacket holder attached for added convenience.

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How To Use A Trouser Press

A trouser press is designed to press the leg of your trousers. They help removes wrinkles from behind the knee area as well as create a perfectly sharp crease down the front of your pants. If the hip and crotch area of your trousers are wrinkled, you will need to touch-up with a steam iron.

  1. Open the front panel of the press and place your trousers feet-first between the two panels.
  2. Smooth out the fabric and ensure the creases of the trousers are neatly aligned.
  3. Slowly close the front panel of the press while holding the top of the trousers to keep them in position.
  4. Push down on the lever arm to lock the press into its closed position.
  5. Depending on the trouser fabric and available timer settings of your model, select the 15 minute, 30 minute or 45 minute timer.
  6. The heat and pressure will smooth out wrinkles. If you only have a 15 minute timer, repeat the cycle if needed
  7. Allow the trousers to cool inside the press. The machine will automatically switch off when it is done.

Note: Ensure trousers are clean and free of stains to avoid the heat locking in stains. Spot treat stains before pressing.

Benefits Of Using A Trouser Press

The Benefits Of Using A Trouser Press Over A Traditional Steam Press Or An Iron Are:

  • Trouser presses give you a professionally pressed finish and perfect crisp pant creases
  • Reduces wear and tear ensuring trousers look better and last longer
  • It sharpens the crease of your trousers and removing wrinkles
  • Time-saving, replacing the need for time-consuming ironing
  • Electronic trouser presses prevent shiny patches on trousers
  • Excellent cost saving on dry cleaning bills

Trouser Press Temperature

A trouser press heats up to around 140 °F / 60 °C and usually presses a pair of pants in 15, 30 or 45-minute cycles.

You can’t adjust the temperature so you vary the amount of pressing time depending on the type of fabric your trousers are made of.

Polyester, for example, requires much less pressing than cotton, denim or corduroy. Thicker fabric will require a 30 minute or 45 minute cycle.

Can You Put Jeans In a Trouser Press?

Yes, you can absolutely press a pair of jeans in a trouser press. Because the fabric is thicker, a longer 45 minute timer would be best to ensure they are pressed to perfection.

Can You Use A Trouser Press For Shirts?

It’s simply not practical, but if your options are limited, you could make it work.

A trouser press will not press a shirt to the same finish that you’d get with a steam iron, however, it will help improve small wrinkles or obvious folds.

  1. Avoid double layers in the press as you could end up pressing in more wrinkles.
  2. Position the larger panels of the shirt, like the front chest panels and the back panel as flat as possible inside the press.
  3. Close the press and use the 15 minute setting on each panel before repositioning the shirt.
  4. Sleeves can be folded at the shoulder and placed over the chest panel if they need pressing.
  5. Let the shirt cool on a hanger before wearing it.