Panasonic NI-WL600 360 Degree Freestyle Cordless Iron Review

We no longer endorse this iron and suggest you go here for newer options.

In the past, the Cordless Panasonic, 360 Degree Freestyle took first place in our best cordless steam iron review and was also highlighted in our quilting and sewing iron category.

Who’s it for? Quilters for one will love this portable, multi-directional iron, and its handy carry case makes it ideal for taking along to sewing classes.

If you like the idea of an iron that charges out of the way on its base and is always within reach, then this high tech design is awesome… and there’s NEVER a cord in the way.

What we love! Having this appliance in your hand feels like a treat. It looks fancy, feels fancy and works just like a quality iron should. I love the tapered front and back of the soleplate which lets you glide any-which-way… and again, no power cord!


Cordless appliances come with the obvious benefit of free movement and the Panasonic provides exactly that. But the designers of this steam iron didn’t stop there. They stepped outside the box and pretty much reinvented the iron.

The cordless iron charges in its power base so it has no need for a flat back heel to stand-up on. This allowed the Panasonic to create a double-sided pointed iron plate which makes gliding and detailing twice as easy and twice as fast.

Panasonic NI-WL600 Specifications

  • Weight: 4.4 Pound
  • Water Capacity: 4 ounces
  • Voltage: 1500 watts
  • Cord Length: Cordless
  • Multi-directional ironing
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: 10 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Steam Iron Features

High-tech, Ergonomic Design

Cordless ironing is a real experience, if you plan to switch back to ironing with a cord, you’ll realize just how much they get in the way.

No more tangling cords that catch on the edge of your board or crumpling a freshly ironed garment as the cord snags fabric in the wake of the ironing plate.

It gives you the freedom to iron in any direction with detailed precision. Although the iron may seem smaller because of its shape, you still get excellent coverage to get through your ironing quickly.

This cordless wonder is super comfortable to hold, beautifully weighted and the stainless steel soleplate glides beautifully and is easy to clean.

360 Multi-directional Stainless Steel Soleplate

The Panasonic NI-WL600 has a uniques soleplate design in that it has a matching front and back end, both with a tapered precision time. For some, this may take a bit of getting used to and it feels as if the surface area is a little smaller.

If you do a lot of precision ironing and pressing, you’ll enjoy the convenience of not having to repeatedly turn the iron around.

Charging Station

The charging station or power base can be left connected to a powerpoint in your laundry room, sewing room or crafting table.

Excess power cords can look so messy, but the retractable feature keeps your work area neat and it so easy to pack away the cord if you’re on the move. The cord of the power base only needs to be as long as you need to reach it conveniently.

Portable Convenience

The heat resistant carry case is such a brilliant feature. Even if you don’t plan to travel with it, it stores away so neatly. With a light pull of the side clips, the iron cover pops off. Plug in the base and the iron will heat up in a few seconds.

For sewing classes, all you need to do when you’re done ironing is return the iron to its base, unplug the cord, retract the cable, and close the lid. No need to wait for the iron to cool.

Smart Safety

You’ll never have to worry if you left the iron on in the next room. After 10 minutes of inactivity in its base, the iron will switch off. The iron automatically starts to cool when removed from the base so is not a fire danger if it falls while on.

Sewers may find the 10 minute auto switch-off a bit frustrating but the iron stays hot and reheats quickly so you won’t have to wait too long to power it up again.

Anti-Calcium System & Stay Clean Vents

The anti-calcium system helps to keep the steam vents clean by reducing sediment or hard-water build-up that causes clogging.

Sediment buildup is what causes the iron to age and eventually break. To increase the longevity of the iron, it’s recommended that you use distilled water when ironing with steam.

The powerful steam burst setting also helps clean the steam vents on the iron plate, so while you go about your cordless steam ironing, the appliance is essentially self-cleaning.

Removable Water Tank & Anti-Drip System

The water tank can be unclipped from the iron for convenience when filling at a tap. The water capacity is 4 ounces which is a bit small, being used to about double that.

This requires a bit more filling so keep a jug handy should you need to top up. Quilters will not mind too much as most prefer dry ironing so the water level is rarely an issue.

A water seal inside the iron protects fabrics from water spotting.

Easy to Operate

The Panasonic has an electronic touch control for you to set the temperature of the iron to the appropriate heat. Set the cordless iron while it is on its base, it will then maintain that heat setting.

To change the setting, return it to its base. The red light will flash while it is heating or cooling to your desired temperature. When the light stops flashing, it’s ready to go.

It also fits snuggly into its base when you’re placing it back down after ironing. It may take a turn or two to remind yourself not to rest it on its back heel like a conventional iron.

Variable Steam Settings & Dry Ironing

The adjustable steam button allows you to select the amount of steam you need. You can also steam iron garments or curtains vertically. It has a steam burst feature for vapourising stubborn creases as well as a spray mist to target spots with water that need extra attention.

The steam iron can also be used for dry ironing. With the push of a button, you can select your preference.


  • Cordless freedom and convenience
  • Multi-directional ironing means you can iron any-which-way
  • Portable for classes, sewing retreats, and even mobile homes & camping
  • Heat resistant carry case means you can pack it away even when hot
  • Double-sided detailing soleplate


  • 4 ounce water capacity

Added Benefits for Quilters or Sewers

If you attend sewing classes and need a portable ironing solution, this one works a charm, plus it’s also ideal for your run of the mill cloth ironing when you’re at home.

It’s a really great product, the perfect balance between functional and high-tech without being unnecessarily complicated.

Anyone can use and enjoy this cordless steam ironing gem! Time to book that retreat.

How Panasonic’s Multi-Directional Cordless Iron Works

Our Last Word

This iron will ruin all future irons for you. Cordless ironing is not ironing, it sleek, elegant gliding. Whether you’re quilting, sewing or working through your laundry pile, no iron feels as free and unencumbered.