Rowenta First Class DA1560 Travel Iron Review

The Rowenta First Class is not only a great iron for students, its the perfect travel iron and also works very well for quilting and sewing. It’s our favorite small Rowenta by far!

Who is it for? It’s not the cheapest, but its the most reliable. If you’ve been around the travel iron block and are looking for a superior steam producing iron, then Rowenta in the name to go with. Its impressive 1000 watts of power making it one of the most powerful of travel steam irons available.

What we love! Two words, high performance! It’s super cute, but more than that, it pumps steam like it’s competing with its regular-sized brothers and sisters. We love the carry bag and collapsible handle… that is also the water tank. Genius little travel partner… and we love that it’s purple!

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This is a big iron in a small body. Its quick heating time means you can start steaming the moment you put your bags down. It’s powerful so you can have an item of clothing wrinkle-free in minutes and it has dual voltage to ensure it will work perfectly wherever in the world you take it.

There’s little more to say than… it works… and it works well. It’s a reliable steam iron that should be an essential travel item. With this ironing master traveling alongside you, you’ll always look the part of a professional business person or refined traveler.

Rowenta is a leading brand in ironing appliances, producing quality machines since 1884. The First Class travel steam iron is no exception. Neat and compact, you can throw it in your travel bag without taking up much weight or space. It includes the key functionality that makes traditional home irons so effective, only in a mini travel size package. Here’s more…

Rowenta Travel Iron DA1560 Specifications

  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Water Capacity: 2 ounces
  • Voltage: 1000 watts
  • Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: None
  • Dual Voltage: 120 and 240 volts
  • Warranty: 1 Year

First Class Travel Iron Features

Lightweight Travel Iron

At only 1.5 pounds, the Rowenta barely adds any weight to your luggage or overnight carry bag. And its collapsible handle makes it neat and compacted to fit into its convenient carry bag, cable and all.

Quilters Tip: The Rowenta also made it onto our Best Irons for Quilting and Sewing Review for its above-average performance. It’s ideal for sewing and quilting classes where you need something effective, but compact, that can fit into your toolbox. Just be sure to have a hot iron caddy so you can even pack away your iron while it’s hot.

Despite its small size, its ideal for pressing and ironing, both with and without steam.

Stainless Steel Soleplate with 200 Steam Holes

Rowenta is well known and recognized for its smooth glidability and this is owed to its stainless steel soleplate. The smooth surface is also easy to clean should you accidentally scorch or burn something on it.

The soleplate is also designed with a narrowed, pointed tip for more detailed ironing like around buttons, seams, and pleats.

Then, it has the unmistakable Rowenta steam holes, perfectly distributed over the surface of the soleplate for even and balanced steam release of the entire surface. This mini travel iron only needs 200 holes where it’s larger family members have 400. It’s no wonder that a single glide with these quality irons has such an impact on the time you spend ironing.

Water Tank Capacity

It has a 2 ounce water capacity which is larger compared to the average travel iron. It’s ideal for freshening up garments or polishing up seams of a work suit.

It’s easy enough to fill by lifting the water cap on the handle of the iron. The water reservoir is transparent so you can monitor the water level easily… although some have complained its a bit difficult to see because of the purple tint.

This iron uses plain tap water… available worldwide and while you’re on the move ;).

Ergonomic Design and Collapsible Handle

The collapsable hande is the key design element of this travel steam iron that allows it to feel larger than it is. By lifting the handle, it gives you a larger clearance from the top of the iron where the temperature dials are located and allow you to grip the handle much like a traditional iron.

The steam burst button is located on the top of the handle where you would naturally rest your thumb.

This also makes it easy to hold vertically if you heed to steam a hanging garment. The dials, switches, and buttons feel solid and well made. You may spend a bit extra on this travel iron compared to some, but it’s well worth the investment.

With the handle folded flat, it packs away neatly in its convenient carry bag.

High Voltage

It beats other travel steam irons in this category, boasting a 1000 watts power output. This produces a significantly more powerful steam output which means wrinkles fade away faster when you tackle them. It also means the iron heats up faster.

8 Foot Power Cord

8 feet is more than adequate to give you working space between a plug point and your ironing surface. Any longer would mean you have more power cord to cart around which adds unnecessary weight to your luggage.

No Auto-off Safety Features

Most travel irons don’t have an auto-off feature. Some would argue this is a potential fire hazard, and they’d be right, but this is one of the reasons these irons can be kept so light, compact and affordable.

If you know the drill, plug-in, iron, plug-out, then there’ll be no need to put out any fires. However, if you’re are prone to forgetting the stove on at home, then maybe this isn’t the ideal appliance for you. Check out the Hamilton Beach Travel Iron for this added safety feature.

Dual Voltage

Dual voltage is essential if you travel all around the world. Simply select the voltage level that is compatible with the country you’re in and you travel steam iron will be working in no time.

If the power supply to your iron is too low, it will not work properly, if at all and if it’s too high, you could risk frying your appliance. Note to self, remember to flip the switch. If you’re unsure what voltage setting or adapter plug to use, check out this link.

1 Year Warranty

Because of Rowenta’s strong commitment to the environment, they make a concerted effort to repair appliances instead of replacing them. Should anything go wrong with the product during your warranty period, they will offer client support and will advise on the best solution.


  • High Performance: 1000 Watts
  • Dual-voltage switch
  • Flat Folding Handle


  • Slightly more expensive

Reviews Last Words

Purchasing a travel steam iron should not be about price, buying cheap does not always save you money, in fact, I’ve frustratingly proven this more than once. Having to replace a new, but broken or poor performing product is often more time-wasting and frustrating than its worth.

That said, spending more does not mean you get a better product, but Rowenta Irons are in a league of their own. The Rowenta is slightly more expensive than most travel steam irons, but it is a superior, quality product that will last you years.

If you already have a larger Rowenta iron at home, the deal is pretty much sealed, because you will know first hand the level of quality you’re investing it. We’d love you to share your travel adventures! Once your travel steam iron arrives, where will you be traveling?