Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Generator Iron Review

We no longer endorse this iron and suggest you go here for newer options.

In the past, the Rowenta DG8520 used to be the absolute winner in our Best Steam Generator Iron review and made it onto our list of the top Heavy Duty Industrial Steam Irons too.

Who is it for? If you regularly do a lot of ironing, then you have met your match. The Rowenta Perfect Steam is ideal for large families where the laundry load is always flowing. If you run a serviced apartment or Airbnb where there is always linen to manage, then you’ll love the speed at which this machine irons out imperfections.

What we love! We love the large water capacity, and the removable tank is a great added convenience. The pressurized steam just flattens anything in its path. There is also such a noticeable weight difference between a traditional iron and the steam generator iron because the water is in the base, and not in the portion that you work with.


The Rowenta brand represents innovation and superior engineering, and the DG8520 is no exception. You can really feel the power of the pressurized steam get to work. Even in Economy mode, it delivers enough steam to sprint through any laundry pile. And it never seems to stop, 90 minutes of steaming is a marathon in our books.

It lets you know when it needs to be cleaned or filled, indicator lights prompt you when it’s ready, and its 1800 watts of power ensure it heats fast and stays hot as long as necessary. This steam generator iron performs like a professional in its class and is designed to last you years.

When it comes to ironing, most people just want to get the job done, and that’s precisely what this machine has been built for.

Rowenta DG8520 Specifications

  • Weight: 12.21 Pounds
  • Water Capacity: 47 ounces
  • Pressure Rating: 5 Bars
  • Voltage: 1800 watts
  • Cord Length: 6 Feet (Base to Iron)
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: None
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Rowenta Perfect Steam Features

Continuous High Powered Steam

5 bars of pressure make this machine super-efficient for generating loads of steam that simply wipe-out creases. All you need to do is press the trigger to emit a powerful boost of steam for thicker and more puckered fabrics.

When the water from the tank enters the pressure chamber, the machine makes a chugging sound that may take a bit of getting used to. This is to be expected from a powerful steam generating machine, but maybe a bit loud if you iron while the kids are asleep.

Eco Setting

The Eco power setting saves up to 20% of energy. By engaging the button on the back of the base, steam emission goes into economy mode. This should still be more than sufficient for normal ironing.

If you are working with thicker or layered garments where more steam power will help smooth out wrinkles fast, then use the full steam setting for super-quick results.

Micro Steam Stainless Steel Soleplate

One of the Rowenta signature features is its 400 hole, stainless-steel soleplate for perfect and even steam distribution.

But, that’s not all that makes it so unique. It also has a narrowing tip for detailing. This will help you smooth out wrinkles like never before in those hard-to-reach places.

The stainless steel plate is heavenly and provides the perfect glidability.

Note for crafters and sewers: If you work with crafts, or do a lot of sewing, you may find that you get a residue buildup from transfers, patches or fusible on your iron. This can cause steam holes to become clogged.

For this purpose, we recommend using a non-stick guard that covers the stainless steel soleplate and protects it from any damage. Rowenta even has a 400 hole shoe guard, created for this exact purpose, that clips securely onto the iron.

Anti-Scale Function

The machine has a Calc-away system that will alert you when the machine needs cleaning. If your indicator light switches on, you’ll need to unscrew the fitting on the side and remove the scoop-like attachment. Once you have gently cleaned it, return it to its original position. You can then reset the light by holding in the “restart” button”.

The manufacturer recommends using plain tap water for the Rowenta, but if you live in an area where you know the water to be particularly high in calcium, you can dilute the water with distilled water.

No Auto-off System

Something sewers and most especially quilters will love, is that there is no auto shut-off on this steam iron. This machine will allow you to work uninterrupted for hours without powering down.

It has an on/off switch on the base of the machine for when you decide you’re done. If you worry you may leave it on, consider another model, like the Rowenta DG7530, to avoid any mishaps.

Large Water Tank Capacity

The Rowenta Perfect Steam has a large 47 ounce water tank that can generate up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted pressurized steam.

The transparent water tank is removable, making it easy to fill at a tap. If you prefer to fill it at its station, you can top up the reservoir even while the machine is on-the-go.

Ergonomic Design

The iron has a 6 foot power cord with a ball joint connection which allows you to iron in any direction without the cord getting in the way or crumpling your garment.

There is a safety lock near the tip of the iron that secures it when you need to move the machine or store it away.

Variable Heat and Steam Settings

Both heat and steam settings can be adjusted to suit the fabric requirements. The “Eco” steam setting helps conserve water and power. Even at the reduced output, steam production is powerful and highly effective.

The 5 bars of pressurized steam makes the machine ideal for use on drapes, curtains, and hanging garments.

Rowenta Customer Service and 1 Year Warranty

Rowenta is a German product, but this particular model is manufactured in France. Rowenta offers a 1 year warranty with product support and replacement available in the US. Should you experience any issues with your machine, contact their support line and experience their highly-rated customer support.


  • Large Water Capacity
  • Energy-saving Econo Mode
  • Removable water tank
  • No auto off-switch (Benefit for sewers and quilters)


  • Can be noisy
  • No auto-off safety switch

Our Last Word

For large loads of ironing, the Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Generator Iron outplays conventional irons. The pressurized steam penetrates and eliminates creases in record time and the 90 minutes of uninterrupted steaming lets you get on with the task… without keeping an eye on the water level.

One notable (yet minor) inconvenience is the noise it makes when the water enters the pressure pump. If you plan to iron in the evening when the family is asleep, it could disturb light sleepers. But there are still more pro’s than cons if you have large ironing loads. Check out how the steam generator iron performs compared to a normal steam iron.

But if you’re not concerned with a little machine sound, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a steam generator that operates super efficiently and makes the ironing portion of your to-do list infinitely easier.