Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Review

We no longer endorse this iron and suggest you go here for newer options.

The Rowenta D5080 appeared on our Best Steam Iron for Clothes & Home Use review and came a close second in our Best Iron for Quilting & Sewing review as well.

Who’s it for? Home ironers, quilters, crafters, seamstresses, and tailors… all of the above and more. If you want to make the job of ironing a little less mundane, and frankly, kind of cool, then buy it now! This great looking and high performing micro steam iron is a pleasure to work with.

What we love! The Rowenta is an all-round performer. From flattening that laundry pile quickly and efficiently to handling the finer details when crafting and quilting, this iron a dream.


Rowenta is a German company, well known and loved for its superior quality in-home appliances. The Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron is the perfect example of what gives this company such a shining reputation.

It’s really well priced for what you get. For its sleek design and advanced features, we’d have expected it to come with a heftier price tag. It boasts an Anti-Calcium self-cleaning system and superior steam distribution with its 400 plus steam holes that vaporize creases like a professional.

As you’ll likely be using this iron for years to come, we’ve included a detailed breakdown so you know and appreciate exactly what you’ll be working with.

Rowenta DW5080 Focus Specifications

  • Medium Weight: 3.4 Pounds
  • Variable Steam Output: 35g/min
  • Steam Burst: 100g/min
  • Water Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Water Type: Tap water
  • Voltage: 1700 watts
  • Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: 8 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Steam Iron Features

Superior Micro Steam Distribution

The stainless steel soleplate has been designed with 400 plus steam holes that evenly distribute the steam for powerful ironing and pressing performance. (That’s 100 grams per minute.)

The iron can be used to steam horizontally or vertically, making it super convenient to get creases out of hanging drapes and add that finishing touch to delicate garments.

It has a 10 ounces water capacity. The tank can easily be topped up depending on how much you are ironing and how much steam you need.

Only use the iron once it has heated fully. If the red light at the back of the iron is still on, it is still heating. The iron may drip if you use it while warming up.

Anti-Calcium Steam Iron

The Anti Calcium system removes minerals that are the cause of hard water buildup in your appliance.

This feature prolongs the life of your iron by preventing calcium deposits and rust from forming.

Calcium build-up around the heating elements of the iron is what causes standard irons to age and break as quickly as they do. In steam irons especially, these mineral deposits block and inhibit steam production.

Stainless Steel Soleplate with Precision Tip

This will allow you to glide across surfaces without resistance or excessive wear. The precision tip allows you to navigate finer details and get into those hard to reach folds.

Easy to Use Thermostat Dial

Simply select the ideal heat and steam output depending on the fabric you are working with and go. We love that the back of the iron has a quick fabric type list so you can check you have the right heat setting and don’t scorch your clothing or fabric.

Safety Switch-off System

Rowenta has ensured that safety is not neglected with the DW5080 model. It has an automatic 8 minute shut off if the ironing plate has been inactive. The iron only needs to be moved slightly to switch back on.

This can be a cause of frustration for quilters who need the iron to remain hot while piecing and pressing blocks, but the 8 minute window is more than adequate when sewing and pressing. If the iron does switch off, rest assured, it remains hot for some time, and the 1700 watt power it packs ensures it reheats to its full glory in no time.

The Rowenta Micro Steam Iron will also automatically switch off within 30 seconds should it fall or be left face down or on its side. Accidents happen, and this is a great backup feature… especially for anyone trying to iron while juggling kids and other household tasks.

8 Foot Swivel Power Cord

Several of the top irons on the market have incorporated this “stay out of the way” power cord and we have raved about it before, but it really makes all the difference.

Instead of having to position yourself around the cable connection, it lets you get on with your work without being an issue. And left-handed people get the same joy out of operating the iron without the “only for right-handed people” annoyance.

Uses Ordinary Tap Water

The Anti-Calcium cleaning system means you don’t need to get fancy with the water you put in your iron, tap water is all you need. In hard water areas, you can dilute the water with 50% distilled water. If you’re unsure of your tap water quality, check out the following link to see if you need distilled water in your iron.

The iron has a translucent water reservoir so you can check and top it up when necessary. Pop the lid on the front to the iron to add water. It has an easy to fill spout and non-drip lid that seals perfectly to avoid leaking.


  • Self-cleaning Anti Calcium System flushes out mineral deposits
  • Excellent steam production
  • Effective all-purpose iron


  • A bit noisy when steaming on high, but at 1700 watts, not more than most

Added Benefits for Quilters and Sewers

The iron can be used with and without steam. If you prefer dry heat when piecing patchworks, simply flip the switch to “Dry”.

The precision tip is perfect for anchoring the thread and then opening up and setting the seam.

Depending on the sewing and pressing project you are working with, alternating between a heavy and/or light iron may be preferable. Some prefer a heavier iron so less pressure is required to flatten an area and others choose a lightweight iron which makes light work when picking it up and placing it down repeatedly. The Rowenta is the perfect inbetweener.

Its medium weight makes it easy to handle, yet is solid and has a large enough soleplate to apply an even heat when pressing. It also makes larger quilt projects much faster to press.

How to Use a Rowenta

Our Last Word

We know why we love this sleek and steamy iron, but we’d love to know your thoughts. Has it drastically reduced the time you spend ironing? Has it shown you just how effortless a laundry load should be to handle? Just how has your Rowenta changed chores or crafts in your life?