Rowenta 1800 Watt Professional Steamforce Iron Review

The Rowenta 1800 Watt Steamforce DW9280 is not only one of the best steam irons for clothes and home use, but it also holds a top place as one of the best performing quilting & sewing irons, as well as the best Rowenta iron!

Who is it for? This is for anyone looking for unrivaled steam output from a steam iron, the Rowenta 1800 Watt is hard to beat. It’s by far the best steam iron I’ve ever tested. If you love anything high-tech and sleek, with unrivaled performance, then this professional performing iron is for you. It carries a slightly heavier price tag… but, you’d be buying smart first time round! It’s perfect for professional use as well as for getting through large laundry loads at home fast.

What we love! Unbeatable steam output and fast wrinkle removal. It shouldn’t be about the looks, but just look at her! Not only is her beautiful, but she’s clever too. Convenient digital display, combined heat and steam dial, motion sensor to economize steam and handles ironing like it’s her business… ’cause it is.

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This steam iron puts out as much steam as some steam generator irons. 210grams per minute compared to the next best we’ve tested at 100 grams per minute. It backs up the Rowenta reputation by having all the shiny extras. It simply rocking at its job… and not just as one of the best steam irons for clothes, but for use in specialized application and pressing by quilters and professional tailors.

This powerful, professional steam iron is not the kind of smart appliance with complicated features. It’s comfortable, user-friendly and so easy to work with.

The Rowenta 1800 Watt Digital Display Steam Iron gets a double thumbs up from us and here’s why.

Rowenta DW9280 Specifications

  • Weight: 3.85 Pounds
  • Variable Steam Output: 65 grams per min
  • Steam Burst: 210 grams per min
  • Water Capacity: 12 ounces
  • Water Type: Tap water
  • Voltage: 1800 watts
  • Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: 8 minutes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Is it the Best Professional Steam Iron?

The term professional implies that it can be used in a laundry business or somewhere similar. The thing is, those commercial irons have no auto-shut-off because they are used by professionals for large ironing loads, usually in a controlled business environment.

The Rowenta professional iron has an auto-shut-off so it’s basically a professional grade iron, but for home.

Professional Rowenta Iron Features

Powerful Steam Burst and Steam Control

The Rowenta Steamforce has a built-in steam generator and this is what makes the steam output double that of any traditional steam iron we’ve tested. The pressurized steam chamber releases 210 grams per minute of steam. The next closest steam burst measures less than half that at 100 grams per minute.

Steam distribution has also been mastered. 400 holes on the stainless steel soleplate evenly distribute steam over the entire surface area.

The steam burst feature emits 210 g/min. This power-packed steam punch is thanks to the integrated electronic steam pump. It boasts 30% more steam compared to any other iron in its class.

This is pretty impressive as most steam irons we’ve tested put out about half that. The measurable benefit of this is the speed and effectiveness of wiping out wrinkles. Creases in thicker fabrics like curtains and suits will unfold at the Rowenta’s touch.

If you have a particularly challenging crease, there’s a spray trigger under the handle so you can spray water on the exact spot that needs attention. If that doesn’t do the trick, nothing will.

The heat and steam intensity can be set by adjusting the dial under the handle. Steam can also be disabled if you prefer to dry iron a specific fabric.

Large Stainless Steel Soleplate

We just love a stainless steel soleplate and the Rowentas slick steel surface makes for pleasurably smooth ironing strokes. Additionally, it has a beautifully tapered tip for areas needing more detailed precision ironing.

A benefit of uncoated stainless steel soleplates is that they durable are easy to clean. If you iron with starch or use your iron for crafting, any residual buildup that sticks to the ironing plate can be removed without causing damage to the surface. Rowenta also has a soleplate cleaning kit which works like a dream.

Coated soleplates can be permanently damaged if materials scorch against the plate. The cleaning process on coated soleplates can scratch and damage the surface causing snagging when ironing. Always follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer.

The large surface area of the plate provides excellent coverage to make ironing go much faster.

1800 Watts of Power on Demand

This is the highest wattage we’ve reviewed to find the best steam irons for clothes. A higher wattage is practical in that it gives you a hotter iron, fast, and steam production is dramatically improved.

Vertical Steaming

The powerful steam burst really makes the difference when steaming hanging garments and drapes. Although I dont feel traditional steam irons are overly effective when used vertically, the Steamforce was impressive and definitely removed the creases in the garments and drapes I tested it on.

Safety First

Prevention is better than cure and Rowenta’s 3- way automatic safety shut-off system prevents accidents but switching off in 30 seconds if the iron falls and lands face down or on its side. If left untouched and standing vertically on its heel, it will turn itself off after 8 minutes.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

The adjustable steam settings accommodate all kinds of fabric types. It can easily be set to your desired temperature which is clearly visible on its digital screen.

The LED display allows you to easily change settings and choose between linen, cotton, wool, silk, and nylon. The light will flash, indicating the setting it is on. When the steam iron reaches the right temperature, the LED Light will stop flashing and stay on, indicating it is ready.

The 8 foot power cord connects with a swivel attachment making sure the cord doesn’t hamper your ironing efforts.

It’s also the perfect weight to add a little bit of downforce while you iron so you don’t need to add pressure and end up with a tired arm.

Large 12 Ounce Water Tank

It has a comparably large water capacity of 12 ounces which allows you to steam iron for longer, without pause. Filling the tank is a breeze as the opening is conveniently large. The blue, semi-transparent tank is a bit dark so it’s a little tricky to see the water level.

The larger tank helps compensate for the steam irons large steam production, but you may still find yourself topping up a bit more than usual.

Smart Steam Motion Sensors

Smart steam motion sensors automatically turn off steam production when the iron stops moving. This helps save water so you can steam for longer when ironing, and it also helps conserve electricity.

Anti-Calc Cleaning System

The anti-calcium cleaning system allows you to use ordinary tap water. The Rowenta also has a built-in auto-cleaning system to ensure any rust or mineral deposits are eliminated. This also keeps your ironing experience easy and problem-free.

It’s really simple to clean your iron, here are the basic steps:

  • Heat the iron to a high temperature
  • Disconnect the plug from the wall
  • Hold the iron over the bath or kitchen sink
  • Hold down the self-cleaning button while swishing the water in the iron back and forth
  • Notice the release of steam and water out the soleplate, this helps rid the iron of any calcium deposits
  • Once the steam stops, open the cap of the water tank and empty it of any excess water

Be sure to read the manual to make sure you maintain your iron with the correct care and cleaning techniques.

Made in Germany

The German reputation of precision engineering and attention to detail is exactly why this iron shines as hot as it does. You can experience the quality of the appliance by just holding it in your hand. It is solid and sleek, we got excited just plugging it in.

This quality appliance also includes a 1 year warranty.


  • Built-in steam generator
  • 210 grams of steam per minute – more than double any iron we’ve tested
  • Digital LED screen makes temperature checking a dream
  • Steam force technology delivers powerful steam bursts
  • Smart steam motion sensor saves power and water
  • Excellent steam iron for clothes


  • A bit more pricy compared to traditional irons

Rowenta’s Advanced Steam Technology

Our Last Word

This iron is a pleasure to work with. That mind-blowing steam output penetrates layers of fabric effortlessly and measurably speeds up the ironing. This is one smart steam iron, all it doesn’t do is fold your clothes for you… I think the ironing industry is still working on perfecting that 🙂

Rowenta models are a firm favorite for quilters and sewers. The top steam iron feature for this purpose is that they heat impressively fast. Next, that there’s an option to iron with both steam and dry heat, and lastly, that the iron has a precision soleplate tip which makes pressing seams so much easier. The only improvement would be an auto-off switch that waits for longer than 8 minutes before switching off, but because they reheat in seconds, we’ll overlook it.

In our hunt for the perfect iron, we’re completely thrilled we get as close as we do. Let us know what features you’d love to see in your ideal iron.