Sunbeam Hot-to-Trot Travel Iron GCSBTR 100 Review

The Sunbeam Hot-to-Trot Travel Iron appears on our list of Best Steam Irons for Travel.

Who is it for? Budget buyers, look no further. You won’t find a better product at a better price. If you only need a travel iron periodically and don’t want to spend more than a few dollars, this product is perfect.

What we love! We love a cheap appliance with all the features of their higher-priced competition, and we love its cheeky little name even more. The hot-to-trot truly is ready and eager to get to work.

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This iron works! It’s not going to win any competitions, but its standard performance is more than most travelers need to sort out a garment or two. It warms up is about 2 minutes which is perfectly acceptable, and it steams, presses and irons like a charm.

It’s both light and small, two key requirements for a travel iron, and of course, 800 watts of power gives it the steaming and heating strength to melt away wrinkles. For occasional use, there’s no need to overthink it. Add this budget-wise product to your cart. But… if you want to know a little more, check out our review below.

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Specifications

  • Weight: 1.39 Pounds
  • Water Capacity: 1.6 ounces
  • Voltage: 800 watts
  • Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: None
  • Dual Voltage: 120 and 240
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Travel Steam Iron Features

Hot-2-Trot Lightweight Travel Companion

The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot weighs just over a pound and is the ideal size to tuck into the corner of your travel or carry-on bag. Depending on the airline you choose, it won’t impact much at all on your luggage weight limit.

Non-Stick Soleplate

The irons soleplate has a nonstick coating to help you move smoothly across the surface of your garment. Follow cleaning instructions if you burn or scorch anything on the surface as coated ironing plates can be damaged or scratched which will make ironing difficult.

Variable Steam & Temperature Controls

You can control the ironing plates heat and steam output using the variable temperature controls. Adjust it to suit the type of fabric in the garment you need to iron. You can both steam iron and dry iron by adjusting the lever on the top of the iron.

The iron can be used “dry” for a quick press, or you can turn up the steam to eliminate wrinkles quickly. It also has a steam burst feature, located where your thumb would naturally rest, which allows you to release an intense shot of steam. This will effectively help remove deeper, more stubborn wrinkles or creases.

We wouldn’t recommend this iron for vertical steaming as its seals need a little attention and it leaks in a vertical position.

Water Tank Capacity

The 1.6 ounce water capacity is all you need to get your travel item of clothing ready to wear. If you plan to straighten out a three-piece suit, you may need to top up the water reservoir located in the handle.

The water tank is transparent so you can monitor your water level as you go. Empty out the tank and allow the iron to cool before packing away.

It doesn’t come with a carry bad but this is the easiest way to keep it contained without the cord running wild. Alternatively, wrap it in a towel. This way if there is any remaining water that drips out, it doesn’t reach the contents of your suitcase.

Ergonomic Design

The Sunbeam Hot-to-Trot has a soft touch handle that provides a comfy grip. The dial is located on the front of the iron and is easy to adjust. We like that it’s not near the handle so you don’t accidentally change settings while ironing.

It also has a convenient red indicator light that, yes, you guessed it, indicates when the iron has reached the correct temperature setting for the garment you’re steam ironing.

Dual Voltage

If you traveling from the home to.. well, anywhere really, you have the option of adjusting your steam iron to match the power supply of the country you’re visiting. The switch is located on the underside of the iron and can be adjusted from 120 to 240 volts.

The iron has an 800 watt power output so heats fast and generates adequate steam to get your clothing ready to wear in a flash.

8 Foot Power Cord

This is just the right length to give you a convenient reach without having a mass of power cord to manage. Most hotel plug points are located near the bed which is the ideal surface to iron out crumpled garments.

The power cord exits the steam iron on the right which can be a bit of a nuisance for left-handed users.

No Auto-off Safety Features

The iron should not be left unattended for the obvious reason that it has no automatic shut-off system.

This means if it falls or is left resting on a surface, you risk burns or worse. In homes with children, this is not the best option but. However, responsible adults feel free to use with caution and have your travel clothes travel-ready.

It is not too stable when resting on its heel. In hotel rooms, where you do not necessarily have a stable surface to work on, it could easily topple over.

1 Year Warranty

If there is a fault or problem with your purchase, the manufacturers offer a 1 year guarantee and will help repair or replace your travel steam iron.


  • Cheapest Travel Steam Iron
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dual voltage


  • Not ideal for Vertical Steaming

Our Last Word

This is a fair quality product for an unbeatable price. If you do not travel often but need a travel iron when you do, then it will work, but it’s no Rolex. This is not a criticism at all, we fully acknowledge its place in the travel iron market.

But, if you want a more reliable iron that will last you longer and perform better, visit our full travel steam iron review to see what options you have available to you.

If you have successfully used the Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot, we’d love to hear your thoughts.