Sunbeam Steam Master Iron Review

The Sunbeam Steam Master is often found on our article for the best steam iron for home use.

Who is it for? It’s a middle performer with OK build quality. It does also have a retractable cord.

What we love! No kinks when you start ironing and you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool before wrapping up the cord. Very, very nice!

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The Sunbeam Steam Master may look and feel a little less polished than its counterparts, but it gets the job done perfectly.

Heres our two cents…

Sunbeam Steammaster Specifications

  • Weight: 2,95 Pounds
  • Water Capacity: 8 ounces
  • Voltage: 1400 watts
  • Cord Length: 8 Feet
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: 15 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty

Steam Iron Features

Retractable Cord

Too long have we battled with kinks in power cords and dangling cord plugs. This welcome feature ensures your iron stores away neatly every time and when it comes time to iron again, simply extend the cable to your desired length. (Deep sign of contentment.)

To retract the cord, just push the button.

But… a word of warning. The recoil on this retractable 8 foot cord packs a punch. Make sure to hold the end of the cable as you draw it in. It builds up some wild momentum that could leave you with a memorable bruise.

Ergonomic Design

The Sunbeam is easy to hold and access the buttons and dials. The retractable cord casing is comfortably out the way and creates a stable heel to rest the iron on. Despite the onboard cord storage, the iron is light-middleweight at 2,95 pounds.

The translucent water tank allows you to monitor the water level which is easy to top up from the spout located on the front of the iron.

Non-Drip, Stainless Steel Soleplate

Not only does the soleplate ensure a smooth glide across the fabric, but it also has an anti-drip feature. This works by automatically cutting off the supply of water while the iron heats up sufficiently to create steam.

The tip tapers to a point to allow you to give clothing that professional finish. It does not have a non-stick coating which we prefer. A stainless steel soleplate is easy to clean should you accidentally scorch something that sticks to the ironing plate.

Variable Steam Settings

The steam output differs depending on the type of fabric you are ironing. The adjustable lever allows you to set the steam to the exact level required.

It also allows an additional shot of steam if you need to focus on particularly stubborn creases. This can be done both horizontally and vertically for drapes or to freshen up a hanging garment.

The iron also has a “Dry” setting which allows you to iron without steam, even if the tank contains water.

3-Way Motion Smart Safety Settings

The auto shut-off features offer additional peace of mind. It the iron is left inactive and face down or falls on its side, it will switch off in 30 seconds.

If left on its heel for more than 15 minutes, it will also automatically switch off. The average iron switches off on an average of 8-10 minutes. Sewers will like these few extra minutes as it allows you time to sew a quilt or garment piece and then press while the iron is still hot.

It is sold, stable and safe if left upright. It rests very comfortably on its heel, so unless it gets knocked over or someone trips on the cord, there’s no need for concern.

Self-clean System

At the click of a button, the Sunbeam Steam Master self cleans and rids itself of mineral deposits for optimal performance and a longer life span. This helps flush out any limescale caused by hard water. Distilled water is not needed unless you like in a particularly hard water area.

3 Year Limited Warranty

The 3 year warranty is more than we’d expect from a budget-priced iron. We love the added confidence that comes with the purchase, knowing the manufacturers stand behind their product.


  • Retractable cord
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Best low budget steam iron


  • Not great for left-handed users
  • Feels more budget

Appliance Care

Being that it’s a budget item, we recommend a little extra care to ensure it lasts.

Let me re-confirm, we have not experienced any failings with this appliance to date. Even though we can not fault the Sunbeam, online reviews have pointed out a few potential weaknesses and in this case, we believe prevention is better than cure.

Use distilled water. This helps eliminates the additional damage caused by hard water buildup. Calcium buildup, also known as hard water can cause the blockage of steam ducts and get in the way of your iron working effectively.

Also, get in the habit of emptying the 8 ounce water tank when you’re done using it. This will avoid rust on the heating elements and those dreaded rust stains.

We hope our review has helped you come to a decision and that it’s ready and waiting in your shopping cart, or better yet, on its way to your front door.

How to Use the Sunbeam

Our Last Word

Great iron at a great price. We confidently back this product, as do countless happy customers.

When reading the reviews we came across a few unhappy campers who clearly received a dud. This could be due to less stringent quality checks that alloy sunbeam to offer such an affordable iron. However, even with high-end products, there is always the risk of this happening.

If you haven’t replaced your old iron for some time, you will love the new features that come standard with the latest steam iron appliances. Let us know what you love most… or… what you don’t love at all. Some of the features may take some getting used to but at the end of the day, if your ironing is taking up less time than before, our mission has been accomplished.