T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron Review

We no longer endorse this iron and suggest you go here for newer options.

Who is it for? Anyone wanting a ceramic soleplate over stainless steel. It’s a durable product, backed by a lifetime warranty on the ceramic soleplate.  It looks good and performs satisfactorily, plus it offers extra-long reach with a 12 foot power cord.

What we love! It has good steam output, its perfectly weighted, and the soleplate has a ceramic coating, one of the features T-Fal is so famous for in there cost-effective cookware. This steam iron got the job done and comes at a fair price.


T-fal is a well recognized and trusted brand, known for its non-stick technology in pots and pans. We were excited to see their expertise in the steam iron world. We love any innovation in this field, especially when it means painless pressing and ironing.

The T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide is well priced for a super-efficient appliance that it is. We’ve recorded all the data we collected on this capable contender.

T-fal FV4495 Specifications

  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Variable Steam Output: 35g/min
  • Steam Burst: 100g/min
  • Water Capacity: 9 ounces
  • Voltage: 1725 watts
  • Cord Length: 12 Feet
  • Safety Auto Switch Off: 8 minutes
  • Warranty: TBC
  • Lifetime warranty on the ceramic soleplate

Steam Iron Features

Iron with a Ceramic Soleplate

The Ultraglide ceramic soleplate is scratch resistant and creates a smooth glide across fabrics. The reduced friction of fabrics will also keep garments looking new for longer.

Most ceramics resist the flow of electricity, and for this reason, ceramic materials are used in appliances to reduce static. This makes the T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide particularly effective when ironing synthetic fabrics due to its ant-static properties.

The tip of the soleplate tapers comfortably to target the more intricate areas of clothing like between buttons and around pleats and seams. The plate is slightly smaller than what we’re used to but it heats up exceptionally fast.

3-Way Safety Auto-off

As with most irons on the market today, the T-fal offers the basic safety features you’d expect from a steam iron. If the iron is left on unknowingly, either soleplate facing down or on its long side, the iron will automatically switch off in 30 seconds.

After 8 minutes of inactivity on its heel, it will also switch off, so no risk of burning down the house if you’re multitasking.

Multiple Microsteam Holes

The multiple microsteam holes on the ceramic ironing plate promote even steam distribution that power through even deep creases effortlessly. The 1725 watts of power enables the iron to heat incredibly fast and to a high heat that is no match for high thread count cotton or linen.

If you have a particularly challenging item to tame, press the steam button on the top of the iron for a powerful extra shot of steam. The extra steam feature creates a burst of 100 g/Min.

Vertical Steaming

All steam irons offer this feature, but the T-fal outperforms most in this area. It has a strong steam shot and its lighter structure makes it easier to hold and steam curtains and hanging garments.

Easycord Power Cable

T-fal has incorporated what they call an “easy cord exit system”  which keeps the cord out of the way when ironing. It works differently to the ball bearing cable attachment which allows you to swivel any-which-way when ironing.

The iron/cord attachment keeps the cable elevated so it doesn’t snag on the freshly ironed fabric while you move along the garment. which prevents re-wrinkling already-ironed fabrics.

It is a whopping 12 feet long so reaching a powerpoint should not be a problem and when you’re done ironing and rest the cooling iron on its heel, the cable joint moves it out the way, creating a stable, cord-free base to rest on.

I personally feel the cord is longer than it needs to be and more in the way when moving and packing away. However, for any of you working far away from a power source, you may appreciate the extra length.

9 Ounce Water Tank Capacity

The water tank has a conveniently large opening for filling. This is a welcome change compared to some irons where you need impressive aim and precision to avoid making a mess.

The 9 ounce tank is fair, depending on what fabrics you’re ironing and how much steam you use. If you’re used to ironing with larger water capacity, filling up can be a bit of an annoyance. There are steam irons (like the Rowenta or BLACK+DECKER) that hold significantly more water if this is a concern.

Ergonomic Design

Several factors make this iron really comfortable to use.

  • The grip and reach of the buttons and dials are well thought out.
  • The water tank is foolproof and easy to fill.
  • The cord has a great reach.
  • The nonstick, ceramic plate is super smooth

Self-clean System

The T-fal has two self-cleaning systems at work in the steam iron, one being a calc-recollecting, non-drip valve and the other, an integrated anti-scale system. Calcium buildup if the main cause of what we call “iron death”. The mineral deposits cause steam ducts to block, getting in the way of effective steam flow.

The user manual does not specify which water to use but when in doubt, we prefer using distilled water. In most cases, its easier than having to clean and remove hard-water buildup.

Tap water can be used, but if you live in an area where the water is hard, consider diluting tap water with distilled water, you’ll add months of life to your steam iron.

Steam Iron & Soleplate Warranty

We are awaiting confirmation on the exact warranty in the US. We can confirm that there is a lifetime warranty on the ceramic soleplate. A good warranty is a benefit we love to see, even if it’s never used… and simply, here’s why. Any company that offers its clients extended backup and support, obviously has confidence in the reliability of its product.


  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Long 12 foot power cord
  • One of the best “vertical steaming” irons


  • Occasionally leaks
  • The instruction manual is lacking

Our Last Word

A solid, durable and well-made iron. Admittedly, it does not get us as excited as some irons clearly do, but its a reliable performer with all the right features.

Ironing is a personal thing. Believe it or not, if we do anything long enough, we form hard and fast beliefs on how it should and shouldn’t be. Things like what the handle should feel like, how much a good iron should weigh and exactly where the knobs should be. And that’s okay!

Your perfect match is out there, and there are enough steam brands and styles out there that compromise is not necessary. What are your favorite brands and the features you have come to expect from the “perfect steam iron”? Looking forward to hearing from you.