Who Invented Ironing? History and Use

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Ironing is not a pointless pastime for the sake of fashion. It’s a tradition that’s been performed throughout the ages. The way a person looks and the finish of their clothing has long been an identifying mark of class and stature. But, who exactly is responsible for the origin of ironing? Who invented ironing? The … Read more

What is a Pressing Cloth for Ironing?


Both beginners and pro ironers experience accidental scorches at one time or another, but with an ironing cloth, you can avoid these potential disasters. If you’ve not yet scorched a garment or two, you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s not a difficult mistake to make considering you’re working with an appliance that reaches temperatures … Read more

How Do You Stop Shine When Ironing?

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That “shine” that can occur when ironing, makes clothing, especially darker fabrics, look old and tired. It can happen in seconds and just like that, your favorite shirt is ruined… or is it? It’s a common yet frustrating part of ironing which in most cases, can be completely avoided. There’s more good news… some accidental … Read more

Which Iron Is Best, Steam or Dry?


This is another one of those ironing debates that needs settling. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer. On one side we have “Team Steam” and on the other, “Team Dry”… and their spray bottles. We’re not taking sides, but we do want a finite answer as to which machine will get … Read more

Is Ironing Bad for Clothes?

does ironing fade clothes

While it’s understood that repeated wearing, washing and drying can cause clothes to look worn out, what about ironing? Just how good is it to apply scalding hot temperatures to your clothing? Could it be damaging and reduce the natural life of our clothes? These are fair questions that we have uncovered the answer to. … Read more

Which Soleplate is Best for Ironing? Stainless Steel or Ceramic


There is a seemingly endless selection of irons available online with so many brands and details to consider. One key feature they all share is the soleplate, but even this single detail creates confusion. Coated or uncoated, tapered or untapered, small or large, 10 steam holes or 400? As the soleplate is the number one … Read more

Do You Need Distilled Water for Ironing?


There is a lot of confusion as to what water is best for ironing. Unless you have your iron’s user manual available, it is difficult to say exactly what water should be used in your specific model, as different irons have different water requirements. After researching several top brands, these are our findings. Do you … Read more

Does Ironing Kill Bacteria & Viruses Incl. Coronavirus?


Having an active family and a growing 10-year-old son got me wondering if there’s a more effective way to ward off germs, bacteria, and viruses in clothing, without using potentially harmful cleaning products. Does Ironing Kill the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? According to the CDC, we know that cleaning and disinfecting your home and clothing, is an … Read more

How to Iron Polyester at the Correct Temperature Setting


Polyester is an extremely popular fabric in fashion and sports clothing because of its low heat retention and lightweight, moisture-wicking properties. You can sometimes avoid ironing polyester altogether because of its innate resistance to wrinkles, but, in some cases, you’ll have to use an iron to get it perfectly smooth. The problem is… how do … Read more

Benefits of Ironing Your Clothes – Why It’s Important


Ironing is not a favorite when it comes to household chores, but then again, which chore is?!? Many a person has stood at an ironing board and thought, does this t-shirt really need to be ironed…again? And it’s a valid question, especially when your ironing pile is ever-growing and every week sees the return of … Read more