Do You Need Distilled Water for Ironing?


There is a lot of confusion as to what water is best for ironing. Unless you have your iron’s user manual available, it is difficult to say exactly what water should be used in your specific model, as different irons have different water requirements. After researching several top brands, these are our findings. Do you … Read more

Does Ironing Kill Bacteria & Viruses Incl. Coronavirus?


Having an active family and a growing 10-year-old son got me wondering if there’s a more effective way to ward off germs, bacteria, and viruses in clothing, without using potentially harmful cleaning products. Does Ironing Kill the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? According to the CDC, we know that cleaning and disinfecting your home and clothing, is an … Read more

How to Iron Polyester at the Correct Temperature Setting


Polyester is an extremely popular fabric in fashion and sports clothing because of its low heat retention and lightweight, moisture-wicking properties. You can sometimes avoid ironing polyester altogether because of its innate resistance to wrinkles, but, in some cases, you’ll have to use an iron to get it perfectly smooth. The problem is… how do … Read more

Benefits of Ironing Your Clothes – Why It’s Important


Ironing is not a favorite when it comes to household chores, but then again, which chore is?!? Many a person has stood at an ironing board and thought, does this t-shirt really need to be ironed…again? And it’s a valid question, especially when your ironing pile is ever-growing and every week sees the return of … Read more

Top 18 Ironing Hacks for Clothing

does ironing fade clothes

Laundry and more specifically, ironing, is not a well-loved activity. Traditionally, it takes too much time and in large families, it’s a seemingly never-ending bother. Most partakers would agree that ironing it’s a task that we’re happy to leave to the very last minute. But what if a little shift in perspective made it a … Read more