Can You Iron on Rayon – A Guide to Removing Wrinkles

Rayon ironing temperature: 375° F | 190° C

Rayon is typically made from cellulose fibers from wood pulp. It is extremely versatile and can be used to imitate almost any other fabric at a much cheaper price. It’s often blended with other fabrics like polyester and cotton to help strengthen the fabric.

Because of its variability, the process of ironing your rayon clothing can be quite confusing to say the least. This article will explain when it’s possible and exactly how to iron your rayon clothing.

Can You Iron Rayon?

Yes and No. The only rayon that can safely be ironed are the rayon blends. If your clothes are 100% rayon, do not iron them.

If the tag reads, “dry clean only”, it’s because the fabric fibers cannot withstand the heat and strain of ironing. On the other hand, an ironing icon on the label means that it can be ironed as long as you set the temperature correctly.

How to Iron Rayon

1. Examine the Care Tag

Due to the varied fabrication of the material, the ironing instructions could be very different from one Rayon garment to another. Check the tag first to see if any laundry instructions are clearly provided.

If not, follow the steps below.

2. Place a Cotton Ironing Cloth Over the Item

Do this if you’re not sure. It may not always be necessary but it is a very safe way to prevent damage caused by direct contact with the hot iron.

3. Turn the Garment Inside Out to Prevent Burning/Melting

Rayon is quite fragile as far as fabric goes, so turning it inside out will also help prevent damage (or at the very least, the damage will only be visible on the reverse side of the fabric).

4. Iron without Steam

Too much hot steam may melt the fibers and damage the weave. Dry-iron the garment unless the label says otherwise.

3. Iron the Item Quickly

Do not allow the iron to rest on the same spot. If it does, the Rayon clothing will burn. The protective cotton cloth (mentioned above) will really help protect the garment from this kind of damage. Iron it until the Rayon garment is completely dry.

4. Hang or Fold?

Rayon is used to make everything from dress shirts to activewear. Depending on the type of item, you can choose to hang it in an uncrowded closet with a quality hanger or fold it neatly to avoid reintroducing wrinkles.

Remember to allow the Rayon to fully cool before putting it back in the closet or drawers.

Why Is Heat Dangerous to Rayon?

Rayon is severely impacted by high temperatures.

If rayon is exposed to excessive heat, it will either become deformed, burned, stretched, or the color might partially degrade.

To protect the integrity of rayon clothing, use the gentle cycle when laundering it. Use cool water and the lowest setting on your iron. Never use steam as it can damage it no matter how wrinkled the fabric may appear.

The best way to wash rayon without shrinking it is by hand. This is the best way to preserve the integrity of the fabric for years to come and avoid misshaping the item.

Does Rayon Easily Wrinkle?

Yes, it does. Rayon is a soft material, drapes well, and is comfortable. Its only weakness is moisture. Once moisture touches the garment, wrinkles form.

Rayon Polyester Blends

Rayon is like cotton in that it is durable, versatile, and easy to wear. To keep it looking its best, avoid getting it wet. The closest this material gets to wrinkle-free is by purchasing a rayon polyester blend. The polyester in the clothing counteracts wrinkles from forming.

Viscose rayon is the weakest of the rayon fabric blends. To avoid wrinkles, purchase high wet modulus rayon since it is the strongest, and washes well.

Can you Steam Iron Rayon?

As mentioned above, you should never use steam on Rayon. That being said, if you’re absolutely desperate to remove stubborn wrinkles and are willing to risk damaging the garment while doing it, steam might be the only option left.

  • Slightly dampen the clothing
  • Turn it inside out
  • Place it on the ironing board
  • Place a dry cotton pressing cloth over the Rayon
  • Apply very light steam while gently ironing the garment
  • Keep checking for any signs of damage while ironing
  • Continue until all the moisture is gone and the item is completely dry

Remember, the damage (of melted fibers) might only be visible when the fabric is dry, so be very careful ironing with steam.

Truly the best method to use is to place the steam from the iron a couple of inches from the garment and avoid direct contact while steaming out the wrinkles.