Does Ironing Kill Bacteria & Viruses? (Incl. Coronavirus)


Having an active family and a growing 10-year-old son got me wondering if there’s a more effective way to ward off germs, bacteria, and viruses in clothing, without using potentially harmful cleaning products. Does Ironing Kill the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? According to the CDC, we know that cleaning and disinfecting your home and clothing, is an … Read more

How to Iron Clothes Without Electricity


If you’re facing a stint of no electricity, whether it’s a power outage or an unstable electricity supply, we’ve got you covered. Can you iron clothes without electricity? Absolutely! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of electricity-free ironing hacks so you can get that ironing done fast and effectively. If you’re in need … Read more

How to Iron Without an Ironing Board (Alternatives)

Ironing is undoubtedly easier if you have an ironing surface to work on, but just how do you iron clothing without the convenience of an ironing board? We’ve looked into several options that serve as ironing board alternatives. From makeshift ironing boards to more permanent space-saving solutions, we have several workable solutions so you can … Read more

Why Does an Iron Leak Water When Ironing?

I’ve never had an iron that didn’t leak at one point or another. Most recently, after unboxing my brand new Rowenta Steamforce and starting it up, I noticed it spitting water out of the soleplate. Having spent around $100, I was less than impressed! Steaming, I paged through the user manual only to find I had … Read more

What is a Pressing Cloth for Ironing?


Both beginners and pro ironers experience accidental scorches at one time or another, but with an ironing cloth, you can avoid these potential disasters. If you’ve not yet scorched a garment or two, you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s not a difficult mistake to make considering you’re working with an appliance that reaches temperatures … Read more